Yarn Along {2}


Joining in for this weeks Yarn Along fun, by Ginny @ Small Things

I have made a few rows of progress since two weeks ago when I posted. That isn’t much by any stretch of the imagination, but, progress is progress.


I did finish the interior white circle, so… YAY!

I also started a doily for Katherine. She came into the bedroom last week and was going on and on about getting “one of those white things” to put on her table. I didn’t have one that was not a little broken, so I decided to make one for her. (I dunno, seemed like a good idea at the time…)

IMG_4426I let her choose one from this book (The Ultimate Doily Book). I’m not sure how the book came to be in my possession, but it has some cute designs (think more old-fashion-y rather than new-fangled). She chose the one on the inset of the cover. Now, I just need to come up with some green thread….

And that’s all I’m working on at the moment in that department 🙂


For reading: At the end of the December, I got a little over excited about reserving books at the library and then a few that I have had holds on for the last few months became available and I’ve been trying to getallthebooksreadbeforethey’redue…….

And I have this thing about finishing library books that I check out, especially if they have months long holds on them.

In fact last week I purposely let a book get late because I had a few chapters left and I couldn’t renew it because there were two holds on it… Two could turn into two months before it comes back around to me. So…. I paid $0.15 to keep it an extra day. Just couldn’t bear to wait two months to finish the book)

This week:
Bel Canto by Ann Patchett (am loving this one so far, I just wish the chapters weren’t quite so long)
Two-Part Invention: The Story of a Marriage (The Crosswicks Journal, Book 4) by Madeline L’Engle

I’m also reading (daily), Les Mis, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the Bible.

Happy crocheting (or knitting!) and reading

~Ruth Anne

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