D is for…

A “being your mother” post that I wrote up for an alphabet prompt for a photography project.
Playing with my kids is something that’s really hard for me, usually I don’t do it. I read with them or have them “help” me with kitchen chores and things like that, but I do very little active playing with them with their toys. Most times they’re pretty content to have it that way, but I think sometimes it’s very special for them when I take a few minutes and just play.
Another surprising thing? I didn’t realize quite how difficult it is to get back into play-mode (complete with knocking on the door and making up dialogue as you go along).
I kept getting nervous that I was going to do something wrong, but it turned out that everything I said she took and ran with it (and if she didn’t want me to do something she said “no, you say ____” so no worries there.)
Anyways, Disney Princesses (not something I really wanted her to get into, but she loves them, so….. *shrugs shoulders*)

Ruth Anne Holloway Photography

…. Daughter + Disney Princesses + Doll house

d is for

I did something almost unheard of and sat down and played dolls with Miss K and her princess collection.

Disney Princesses


She had an absolute blast. While I can’t say that it was *thrilling* on my part, I enjoyed seeing how much she loved it. I enjoyed *being* with her while she had so much fun. I enjoyed the few minutes of just us time. I was glad I was able to put down the camera (after these shots were taken) and fully engage in just playing and make-believing with her.


Per her request I also edited the “Ariel” photo, and put the watermark in pink ;). Nothing can say Dreams quite like a favorite princess with heart-shaped bokeh! She has since asked me numerous times if we can play again; we played this morning at 10:00 AM (and it’s now just after 3:00…

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One thought on “D is for…

  1. Loved this post, especially your comments. Like you, I read to the children and worked with them–the girls and sometimes the boys–but never played with them.


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