In my {hospital-issue} diaper bag


I’m doing this post as part of a link  up with Nell @ Whole Parenting. There is a giveaway (of a Lily Jade diaper bag) involved so if you head over and look around, take the necessary steps you could get yourself an entry or two (or maybe three?).

I’ve done a similar post of these in the past (it’s here ~ my purse). These days I mostly use the super-fancy hospital issue one-shoulder diaper bag/back pack that I received when either Katherine or John was born.

This bag works best for very infrequent short outings/errands we do. Which is about the only kind of outings we go on. (I really, really don’t like to take the kids along for errands, and it’s been too snowy to go for walks anywhere, so we’ve basically been home the last few weeks.)


Really, from this angle it doesn’t look like much.

But don’t be fooled…



IMG_4696but excuse me for just a minute… holy crap that’s a lot of stuff…

Top “row”


1. change of clothes for baby Z. (everyone else is out of luck if something gets dirty or wet… sorry, just not enough room to prepare for everythingthatcouldpossiblygowrong
2. wipes (at home I use cloth wipes, but on the go disposables are so much easier), cloth diaper, diaper cream in small tube courtesy of the hospital and diaper pins which have been missing.
3. veils (Katherine’s on the right, mine in the Ziploc baggie on the left)
4. various hair clips and pony tails
5. random make up (that I don’t use), travel size hand lotion and lip balm.

IMG_4690 6. hat for baby Z. (thank you Aunt Hannah!)
7. bib and hankie for incidentals… I don’t know how long they’ve been there so they’ve been removed to the wash.
8. home made cloth pad (I don’t have any post written up on this, but if anyone’s interested let me know, maybe I’ll write something up)
9. Wallet
10. Little meditation booklet and prayer cards that I picked up at church weeks ago… have been removed so they can be… umm… used…
11. Keys

Bottom “row”


1. Pens/crayons for occupying little ones in times of need (mostly at Mass) (the unsharpened carpenters pencil has been removed from the bag as it’s useless in it’s current state, and I’m not in the habit of carrying around a utility knife to keep it sharpened)
2. More things to occupy little ones in times of need (also mostly at Mass)
3. Paper for items in #1
4. Business cards for my brother (he’s a tattoo artist – his IG is here)
5. Christmas ornaments that I forgot to give to my niece and nephew… oops… #auntiefail


6. $0.53 and one button (both removed to proper storage bins)
7. extra binky
8. appointment cards (removed to be added to the actual calendar)
9. ointment sample given for baby Z.’s eye (which I knew I had but couldn’t find… removed to the “ointment box”)
10. 12 peppermints and 2 lifesavers
Bonus: the pile on the right is all the trash I found.

There now. All done. When I put back only what I *needed* to have in there the bag was lighter. Still kinda amazed that much stuff was hiding there.

Off to go try and finish my current book.






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