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It’s been a little while since I joined in with a {p,h,f,r} post, and I wanted to do a little more, but….. computer is acting up. And it’s almost 10:30PM and I fully intended to get off over an hour ago…. so.

I headed outside for a little while today to snap a few pictures of the kids playing. It’s been a few snowfalls since I took any, and they’ve been going out usually twice a day to play. They since have their own little games and obstacles they like to do.



I’m so, so, so, trying to find some beauty in what feels like continuous snow.

This little flower hanger is on our front porch and has been featured in other photos (mostly sunsets… in the summer…). I’m not sure where we acquired it, would love to have more decorative hangers like these 🙂



If there are any people who are totally loving this weather it’s these little ones.

I love the absolute joy on her face as she was jumping.

She told me while we were outside “I just love the snow, mama”



I suppose this could just be in the “real” category as well. But we have pretty much just run out of places to put the snow.

Again, the kiddos have totally been enjoying being able to look into the dining room. And jumping and sliding down that pile. (I did get a few pictures, but like I said before, computer problems this evening that I just couldn’t bear to deal with.)



honestly though, I think their favorite part of the snowy outside, is coming inside and having hot chocolate (or “I just want some plain coffee with sugar, mom” ~ Katherine….)


Sweet sleeping little baby slept through all the afternoon’s adventures outside.


That’s it for me for tonight. Heading off to read a little before bed.


4 thoughts on “winter day {p,h,f,r}

  1. Loved this post. But I remember snow in Chicago as a child when it was up to the windowsills. We would go out to play and come in crying from the cold.

    Snow in the city is not so pretty as snow in Montana. Beautiful there. Peaceful. When it was all over, in the spring, a backhoe came into our cul-de-sac, loaded the snow on a dump truck and hauled it away. All paid for by the Homeowner’s Association, which also sent guys to shovel our deck and make a path to the street every time it snowed. Meanwhile Grandpa and I stayed in the condo and admired the snow- capped Rockies from our full-length living room window. Very special memories.

    Love, Grandma

  2. Oh I love that jumping shot, such a great capture! We had a little snow recently but it barely lasted a day. POD is desperate to build a snowman!

    1. One bummer about this snow is that we haven’t been able to build snow men.. it’s just so dry and powdery (which makes it great for shoveling), but not so much for building. Thanks for stopping in!

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