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Just jumping in here to share a few photos from the past week.

{pretty}ย phfr (5 of 4)

I really get tired of hearing things and things and more things about the weather… but that is pretty much a huge part of what we’re doing right now.

It was a little melty yesterday, and I’m kinda a sucker for reflection photos, so while the kids climbed on the piles of snow I took this shot.

In continuing good news on the weather front, it looks like the highs for the next few days will get out of the teens, so yay! Spring will come. Although we jokingly brought up the idea of spending next winter in Georgia (that was just before the first blizzard that was weeks ago).. the continued snowstorms made it much less joke-like.


phfr (3 of 4)

Last Friday I let the kids stand on the window so I could take some pictures for my Black and White weekend post (this post over on the photography blog)

To say they had fun, and were happy about that was an understatement. And as usually happens when I start taking pictures of them, I relax, become happier too and good times are had by all ๐Ÿ™‚


phfr (2 of 4)

On account of the weather the kids have been inside way more often then they like (I would and do honestly let them play outdoors in the cold, but really have to draw the line when the temperature or windchill is in the single digits…) Anyways, they’re rally, REALLY into crafting. Like markers, scissors, paper and tape. All day. Every day. All over the place.

While I totally love their desire to create, it’s quite a process to get them to clean it up. And we’ve been working on the “clean up your projects” thing for…. months…. So, as soon as it warms up slightly I’m thinking about putting all the things away and making them a “special treat”.

On the plus side of this, Katherine’s writing skills have improved by leaps and bounds!


phfr (1 of 1)

in-home-non-TV-entertainment ~ making trains out of dining room chairs.

phfr (4 of 4)

so glad these finally disappeared yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚ again… spring is coming, eventually (I will ignore the snowfall that just “showed up” this AM)


And shameless plug for my photography blog:

I have been doing a 365 Project (just passed the 70 day mark!!! only 295 days to go) and posting at least a photo daily on my other blog (Ruth Anne Holloway Photography ~ there’s also a button on the side bar). If you’d like more photographic daily life/randomness feel free to click over.

I decided not to put it on this blog because… so many posts….


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