Out of the mouths of babes…


Every night at bedtime we have a pretty specific routine. The kids get their jammies on, brush teeth (if any of us remember), get a story each, get into bed, get a prayer a hug and kiss and a song. (Yes, it takes time, usually about an hour, but that’s not where I’m going with this today.)

Somewhere along the way I got in the habit of kneeling beside Katherine’s bed, no particular reason… maybe just easier to reach.

Anyway, a few times I have dared even think about saying her prayer and singing her song while standing up. She will immediately say: kneel down, mom

Often times I have a hard time visualizing a stand-alone God (and it should come as no surprise that  I’m a very visual person). I more often than not am able to see Him in glimpses of daily life. Or at least I try to look for Him; it’s probably not coincidence that the more I look the more I find Him.

I knew when I heard these words that God was speaking to me through her.

The Hebrews regarded the knees as a symbol of strength, to bend the knee is, therefore, to bend our strength before the living God, an acknowledgment of the fact that all that we are we receive from Him (from here)


acknowledge…that ALL WE ARE we receive from Him… 

A huge portion of WHO I am is a mother. It is my vocation. It is how I am called to serve my LORD. That can easily get lost in the day to day of laundry, dishes, and babies; trust me, I am well aware of it. Bedtime is a special time, not because they’re *finally* in bed at the end of a long day, but because it’s a time where, for me at least, I’m able to refocus, look and truly see these precious little ones for who they are, God’s gifts to me.

There’s this sweet 5-year-old voice that God is using to tell me, “kneel down”, “acknowledge me” “I am your creator” “I am your God” “I have given you this life” “these children”. ” See these children before you, and see Me”.

How fitting that it is my child (the perfect embodiment of what makes me a mother) who reminds me to kneel down, even if it’s just for the sake of me being closer to her. I kneel, and in that simple, physical act, I acknowledge my God and all he has done for me.

How easy it is to kneel at Mass and give thanks to and acknowledge God, especially when the kids are behaving especially well. How much harder is it at the end of those long days of “real life”, and yet, how much more is it needed? Kneel down, mom.