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It’s been just a normal week here. We started off with snow… shoveled out… played outside…  (and repeat). Seriously.

But enough about the weather. Actually I felt it was a really good week. We didn’t do anything special or different, but it just felt calmer (ok, well, except for that one moment where I got really frustrated about a project I was helping with for “work”, but even that diffused and worked out for good).

We did spend one morning looking through old DVDs of pictures. I was looking for company pictures (I didn’t find any), but after a little while of me looking the kids climbed up on my lap and surrounding chairs and started looking with me.

They were especially interested because 99% of the pictures were of them. 🙂


I realized something in that moment though… I am so, so glad I went out with my camera and took all those pictures. Just regular old, everyday pictures. Nothing posed, lots of them way less than perfect.

At one point I made a comment about not liking something about a particular picture and Johnny piped up “but, mom, it’s funny”. I think it was a picture of Katherine and she was moving her head as the  picture was taken, and he didn’t see anything wrong with it.


So because I hadn’t picked up my camera in the past few days I spent a good bit of the next few days just taking pictures of regular old things we do.


Yes, two of my guys drink coffee (real coffee in their milk).



They tried their hand at Chutes and Ladders… We still have a lot of work to do in the board game department based on the outcome of this adventure. Mostly things like how to take turns and follow a specific path, but they did learn how to flick the spinner. And we had a good little chat about what cheating is. *ahem*. But over all they were happy. They’ve been bringing it out everyday since I rearranged some of our games/puzzles to a more accessible space.


I did mention that we got some more snow, right?

karl riding in the snow




This is the current weight of my 4-month-old folks. (The shirt Karl is wearing in the first picture – where he’s crawling next to Jared, around 8 months old – Zachary is wearing now… and I’m totally pretending that it’s not getting small for him…)

He had his 4mo visit on Tuesday. All is going well, but doctor says that perhaps the reason for his screaming fits he’s been having in the evening is


wait for it


he’s hungry!

So…. we have now embarked on feeding him more food… so he will get the calories he needs… so he can get bigger… so he can eat more food… ummm? yes? yes. ok. He’s currently eating baby oatmeal cereal at least once a day in mashed up fruit (pears or prunes for the moment to help keep things moving), and in the evenings I’ve taken to giving him a small bottle of saved breastmilk from when he was at the hospital. Overall, he’s less fussy-screamy in the evenings and nights, and he’s generally only waking up once between 7PM/8PM and 6AM. So wins all around. I meanwhile have been drinking water like crazy trying to keep my milk supply up. (I’m fully open to further suggestions in this department, so feel free to leave them in the comments.)


boys on couch

~Ruth Anne


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