Kitchen Notes: pulled pork recipe

Righty-o… So in the last week I’ve made six dinners. And the first three were… shall we say: not pretty. They were edible, but they weren’t exactly scrumptious.

But, Thursday. I decided to make pulled pork. I was initially inspired by Haley’s recipe in her newest cookbook, but I ran into a few stumbling blocks (namely the slow cooker that I have just wasn’t cooperating…) So that lead me to google searching how to do pulled pork in the stove. (I was going to repost the article/recipe I found most helpful, but….. when you wait three days to write up a post, things get forgotten… such as links to specific articles.)

Moving on.

3-4lbs bone-in pork butt roast
olive oil (for browning)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 TBSP Old Bay
3 TBSP oregano
1 tsp (each) salt and pepper
3 TBSP garlic powder
1 tsp chili powder
One onion, diced
One stalk of celery, diced
1 1/2 cups liquid (water, chicken broth, orange juice, wine or combination)

1. Heat oven to 325
2. Mix all seasonings together in small bowl, rub all over meat
3. Brown meat in olive oil in heavy pan on stove
4. Place meat in oven safe baking dish, add liquid (I used 3/4 cup of orange juice and 3/4 cup of water), cover and place in oven (If your “browning pan” can go in the oven feel free to use that, but I don’t happen to have one, so I transferred to a large glass baking dish).

Check it after two hours for tenderness (it probably won’t be done), but keep checking every half hour or so. (Mine cooked for about four and a half hours.) It’ll be done when it literally falls off the bone when you poke a fork in it.

A little notes: you could use any combination of spices seasonings you like. You could also make this ahead of time and freeze for later.

I served it with over rice. I used some of the leftovers later in the week in quesadillas. Could also work in tacos or burritos… just ideas 🙂

Hope you enjoy it. We certainly have. And since S&S has it on sale this week, I think I’m going to pick up another and save it for later.

One thought on “Kitchen Notes: pulled pork recipe

  1. Down here they serve pulled pork sandwiches on a bun. It’s a big deal whether they use vinegar base, mustard base or ketchup base.


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