we made it to the outdoors

…for a walk that is.

We’ve spent a good portion of the last week with at least two members of the house being sick. It’s rotated around and me and Baby Z are the last two to have it. I *think* he’s on the last day of it being kinda bad, if it follows the pattern of the other kids. I’m hoping what I have right now is the worst it will be. I have a theory that kids just can’t handle colds as well as adults (as in: they’re worse at suppressing/controlling coughing fits, they can’t blow their noses, and things like that), so I don’t know if what I’ve been experiencing is as bad as they were and I’m just better able to deal with it or if I’ve just had a milder cold….

Anyways. It doesn’t really make a difference in what I have to do in my day-to-day since Jared is at work during the days, so… guess what? I still have to make sure people eat, drink, and remain relatively out of mischief

{Side story: when your 5-year-old comes walking up the stairs wiping her mouth, licking her teeth and voluntarily saying things like “I didn’t eat anything”…. you think things like maybe you should have gotten up from your nap just a few minutes earlier….}

So today was *almost* warm. It was warmer than I thought, but not really warm, warm. No matter though, it was not bitter cold and I had a library book that needed returning and kids that needed energy to be run off so we went for a walk.



snow was duly poked and inspected…



rests were taken…

(it should be noted the entire way to and from the library is about 12 blocks… this was on the way there… guess they were still a little more sick than I thought)

stairs were climbed…


…and jumped off of…

IMG_5480Baby was NOT impressed…


{I mentioned he’s still feeling pretty crummy, and this area was a little more in the open so I’m sure he was getting more wind than he liked}

trees were run around…

walls were looked over…


“walls” were walked on…

Mary was visited…


{and so was St. Michael, but Johnny was too quick and I didn’t get a picture of his running wave…. it was so, so cute though 🙂 }

neighbors yard was inspected…


And that’s our quick trip around the ‘hood.

Other family news flashes:
* Jared had a birthday (35… which makes him six years older than me for the next nine months…)
* Johnny asked to start reading lessons. (We’ve made it two days… we’ll see how long it lasts as he seems to be my most difficult learner)
* I got my bridesmaids dress ordered for my brother-in-laws wedding this summer. I brought Katherine with to try it on. Let me tell you, if you want to make a 5yo girl giddy, just walk her into David’s Bridal; sparkles, glitter, and sparkles some more. She was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to bring the dress home though.

I think that’s it for this evening folks. Hopefully back to a more frequent blogging soon.

~Ruth Anne

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