seven QTs {more claims for Baby Z}

Baby Z-bubs/ Z-Z/ Zaky-boo/or something else that starts with “Z-” turned 5 months old on Monday! I know, I know where does the time go right? Still gets me every milestone, and this is baby number four.


That all being said I thought maybe I’d share a few more “firsts” or “claims-to-fame” that have happened with/for this lil guy. (This here is the last set of firsts I found for him)

Our first Cradle Catholic 🙂

While the other three kids were all baptized as infants, we didn’t officially join the Church until well after that (total side note the first part of our multi-part “conversion story is over here, if you’re so interested). So, this guy here is our first Cradle Catholic. I realize though that the other kids won’t actually know anything else, since we were pretty sporadic about church attendance before.

22~My Favorite

My longest nurser

By far. This guy has nursed the longest of any of the kiddos. He pretty much flat out refuses if I try to offer anything by bottle. And believe me, I’ve tried. Not so much to get him off nursing, more to just get him a few extra calories (and mostly it’s been stored breast milk). But he is just NOT interested. At. All. He doesn’t even like juice.

This has of course had me feeling really depleted in terms of supply because I’d never nursed a “bigger” baby. But I’ve finally gotten my head wrapped around the fact that I NEED to drink water (lots and lots of it), which I pretty much have never been in the habit of doing. That has helped a lot. I also talked with a nurse at the doctors office earlier this week who suggested I add in a good bit of protein, like, for example: every meal. So I feel like that’s also helped to keep my milk supply a little more “there” and helped with me not feeling so “used up”.  🙂

“Worst” sleeper.

And to be fair, I have to use that term very loosely because he is actually a pretty good sleeper. BUT. Compared to the other kids who were EXCELLENT sleepers (especially through the night), he has been, by far the most needy in the night time hours.


Actually, he’s just my neediest child period. Neediest in terms of human comfort. I say that will all affection. He just always wants to have someone holding him. Maybe because he has three older siblings who are pretty much always within six inches of him and entertaining him (and have been since he came home from the hospital)…. I dunno. He’s happy when he’s in someone’s arms or someone’s in his face, literally. 🙂



Again, by far. I have never had a baby get to 18 month clothing this fast. I think my boys are in some sort of competition or something. They’re all trying to be the same size.

This also means he’s the biggest baby I’ve ever nursed… and that’s… um… not so easy to do gracefully, I’m figuring out 🙂


Earliest of the kids to even think about getting a tooth. I can see it right under the gums, but it hasn’t quite broken through. Considering that the other kids were closer to 9 months or so (if I’m remembering right), this is much earlier.

Longest lasting in our bedroom

Let me see…. Katherine was out of our room after one week; John after two days; Karl after two days…. Zachary is still most nights in our room. Although thankfully he’s happier in the bassinet than in our bed.

I realized I’m not so against the co-sleeping thing as I thought, but it really didn’t work for us after about four months.

We’ve tried to put him in Katherine’s room, where the big crib is set up. We started that early last week. He was in there for two nights I think, then we all got sick and it just worked better to have him in our room again. Plus Jared’s still really partial to him being real close ❤


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