My Sunday Photo/Weekly Roundup {5 April}

Opening note: if you’re visiting from #mySundayPhoto or the #365Project, I normally do this particular feature combo over on my photography blog, but….. these have been tending to be a bit more family/kids-pictures than “artistic-y” and I know the folks who normally readΒ this blog love seeing photos of those kinds of things…. so….. moving this one back here. I know, really, who needs to hear my reasoning.

I guess I’m trying to figure out what’s working for me at this point because posting everyday (for the 365Project) on the other blog just isn’t working. Not that I can’t grab my phone and put up whatever I took a picture of, but that’s not really what I had in mind for that site. I really wanted to use it for some of the more artistic stuff. But, real life disclosure here: I don’t always get a chance to get the “real” camera and do a full on edit of a photo (at least not how I envision it); nothing says “free time” like four little guys. πŸ™‚

So, enough ’bout all that. This weeks photos:

{365 Photo for the day ~ loved the shadows of the fence.. on the fence}

Photo Details {left to right, from the top}:
102/365 ~ “Me” as part of prompt for the Scavenger Hunt (there are a few more entries here)
103/365 ~ “L is for…” : love and light-painting (and I forgot to link up to one of my alphabet photo memes… oops… next week πŸ˜‰ )
104/365 ~ hyacinth. taken at the very, very end of the day because I needed a photo. Not in love with it, but……
105/365 ~ We cleaned up the yard (it was warm enough to be outdoors!). I told them to go stack all the bricks back in the brick pile…. they did not disappoint.
106/365 ~ Received a book in the mail. Katherine came jumping into the room a few minutes later asking:

Mommy, do you need the box?
Me: No
K: Can I have it?
Me: Yes
K: Thanks mommy!
{a few minutes later}
K: We’re making a space ship!

107/365 ~ Been trying desperately to get this particular 3-year-old to nap as he keeps having some fantastic meltdowns if he doesn’t. He napped this day!
108/365 ~ from today (also). We dyed Easter Eggs with natural dyes…. I’ll let you all know how they turned out… tomorrow….. (or actually, probably after tomorrow, since tomorrow we’re heading over to my grandparents for the day!)

Happy Easter to all!

P.S. I have NO idea what Karl did/was doing in that last photo… But the looks he’s getting by his siblings πŸ™‚


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