What I Read: March 2015

March 2015 what I read

Finally getting around to getting this list up. Sometimes it feels hard to get the list written as well as a few thoughts about the books. But one, I think it’s good practice to give a little more thought to books, and two, I know at the end of the year I’m going to want a list of the books read and if I don’t actually make them as I go, I’ll forget something…..

So, here’s March for you!


Till We have facwa
Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold ~ C. S. Lewis

So, I enjoyed this story (a retelling of the myth of Psyche and Cupid). Definitely pearls of wisdom strewn throughout, but…. I definitely need to do a reread as I kinda sped up the ending so I could return it to the library…. and….. in the process I’m pretty sure I missed something vital. So. Reread in the future.


beautiful ruins
Beautiful Ruins: A Novel ~ Jess Walter

For me this book was only so-so. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it didn’t really grab me. The story’s timeline jumps around a bit:  back and forth between past and present as well as between Italy, L.A. and England amongst other places. That didn’t really bother me. I just had a hard time with the lifestyle of the characters (actors, directors or other movie personnel). I really just didn’t connect with them. It is a well written book, but I just couldn’t find anything to grasp onto and connect with.


whose body
Whose Body? ~ Dorothy L. Sayers

Murder Mystery. Check.
Setting: London. Check
Me way, way, WAY overthinking things the ENTIRE book? Check. Check. Check.

Mysteries tend to be exhausting for me to read, mostly because I spend so much energy trying to figure them out before the end – and I never can (probably stemming from the fact that I WAY overthink things – see statement above).

Anyways, this was a good book and a great start to the Lord Peter Wimsey books. I’ll probably keep working my way through the series (but I may jump around a little and read Gaudy Night (Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery Book 12) first).

MMD 2015 Reading Challenge Category: A genre you don’t normally read (Sorry, I don’t have my little check list handy and I’m trying to get this done pronto, so I don’t know what the exact wording is for this category..)


pope awesomePope Awesome and Other Stories ~ Cari Donaldson (of Clan Donaldson)

And…. this book came out *ages* ago in the internet world (I think maybe just over a year ago?) And allthecatholicbloggers read it. And it’s been sitting on my kindle for several months *ahem*….

I just love, love, LOVE me a good conversion story (and a good motherhood story) and this one’s both! Seriously, it’s a good one. And funny. Oh my goodness.  I haven’t had a book make me laugh out loud (and no be able to stop) in a really long time.

{From the 2014 reading list}


garden of verses
A Child’s Garden of Verses ~ Robert Lewis Stevenson

Read aloud to the kiddos. One or two at breakfast most days until we finished. Old-fashioned language exposure galore. We did get to discuss what lamplighters were, so learning at the breakfast table with a little help from images provided by these here internets = wins all around 🙂


That’s all the of my reading for the last month.
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