Small Success Thursday {2015 #1}


It’s been months since I’ve done one of these, and there’s talk of discontinuing the link up (over at CatholicMom) if participation continues to dwindle. As I said I don’t always contribute, but when I do it’s actually a great blessing. It’s very positive for me to see what things God has done in my life in the past week, especially when I feel that very little has happened. And every single one of these I’ve done, there have been God-moments, even when I sit down to write thinking “there won’t be anything…”

Anyways, I’d encourage you, if you have a blog to consider joining.

Small Successes from the past week or so:

* I made it to the Good Friday service. I had decided not to go to any of the vigil services on account of the time they’re held and the kids bedtime and the fact that I would most likely go by myself since Jared had decided he didn’t want to go to late, late services. But, Jared did a little shoving out the door on Friday evening and I grabbed Baby Z and went.

I mention this as a success one for the fact that I made it, but two because I was heading up for the adoration of the Holy Cross (or the Eucharist, I don’t remember which time), but I was coming from the back of the church (holding Z. who finally had fallen asleep) so I was in the back of the line, just waiting and I was standing next to Station of the Cross #13. This particular one had a Pieta. In the same instant I saw that, I saw my son and the weight of the moment really sunk it. Often things tend to be surface level, and once in a while I get to *feel* it more and it’s always very powerful. So I’m glad I listened to my husband’s nudging and went.

* We finally got the car in to the shop to do some body work that has been desperately needing to be done. {Maybe not a spiritual success, but a practical one none-the-less}. Maybe the REAL success has been functioning as a one-vehicle family and it being actually OK.

* I was able to get myself organized enough to plant the flowers we picked up from the store a few weeks ago. They were daffodils and tulips, so the bulbs *should* make it through the year. I thought I did something similar a few years back and I thought I remembered those working. We’ll just have to wait and see πŸ™‚ {I have photos, they’ll probably be up tomorrow, so do please feel free to come back and check in!}

* Started organizing/cleaning out the basement. It is absolutely amazing the space (and things… *ahem*…. little car snow shovel that would have been so, so useful this past winter…) you can find when things actually get put away. And sweeping makes things look so much tidier. Still a ways to go, but we’re getting there. πŸ™‚

That’s going to be a wrap for me this evening. Going to get a few more things taken care of then head to bed.

Oh, wait, one more success: I got in one whole entire Rosary this evening while grocery shopping! I’ve been attempting to do a little more formal praying, but have gotten a little bogged down in the “attempting” stage.

Goodnight to all!
~Ruth Anne

Easter Wrap {p,h,f,r}

phfreasterWe made it all the way through Lent… with the stickers anyway. There were a few moments where sweets were partaken of on non-feast days and I’m pretty sure we didn’t quite make it meatless on all the required days. But forgiveness is great!

{Please excuse my crayon “Alleluia”, one of these years I will get fancy and get a more permanent one or something}

Moving on.

phfreaster (1 of 21)

{BTW: these are all in the Pretty, Happy, Funny, and Real category, except for one which I’ll point out when we get there}

I saved the kids Easter package from my in-laws to open on Sunday morning (mostly because the kids were on a super crazy toy-destroying spree and I didn’t want to have to deal with “no you can’t have the candy yet” on top of that). So we waited.

(Zachary got a little basket and outfit too, but he was very interested in the cardboard packaging of the airplane πŸ™‚ )

phfreaster (4 of 21)

We also removed the eggs from the dye

phfreaster (5 of 21)

They turned out less than amazing, but I think maybe I didn’t add enough vinegar? The yellow, blue, blue/green, blue/yellow colors worked OK, but the red ones all turned out brown?I think maybe I’ll try again since Easter is 40-some odd days from being over πŸ™‚ #lovebeingCatholic!

They spent the better part of 10 minutes trying to figure out how to open them… Katherine asked why they were white inside. I tried to object lesson the moment, by showing that the egg shells are like our sin and Jesus dying makes them come off and leaves us white and pure underneath. It was going well I thought until about 20 seconds later Katherine looked at me and said “yeah, but where’s the chocolate?”… And then they decided they didn’t like them. But I love them, so I’ve been eating them since πŸ˜‰

We all made it to Mass

I wish I had some lovely insightful things to say about the service, but I really don’t… so I’ll just leave it at that. And add that next year I think I’m going to go to the Vigil.

phfreaster (13 of 21)

phfreaster (14 of 21)

We got family photos, to a degree. I just wanted photographic proof that my kids can actual dress up on occasion.

We headed out to Connecticut to spend the afternoon with my grandparents. My grandpa (pictured here) is scheduled to have emergency surgery sometime today to relieve pressure in his eye, so if you all could say a prayer for him that would be so appreciated! Thanks!

It was definitely a nice time, except for:

phfreaster (16 of 21)

{note chin}
He managed to fall and give himself a nice gash on the under side of his chin. Fortunately it seems shallow and has scabbed over nicely since. Those were a few traumatic moments. My honest first thought when I heard him fall and saw him get picked up to be given to me was:

“Ok good, these clothes can get blood on them…”

Anyways, it was a little rainy, and a little chilly, but that didn’t stop these guys from take a trek in the woods behind the house. They do it every time we go, so they have started to remember it now.

Then we drove slowly home (because the car has a crazy unknown shake once you get over 55 mph and it’s super duper annoying), ate a PB&J and went to bed.



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