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Last month the kids, and by the kids I mean I, purchased some plants for Jared for his birthday. I know, I know, it was totally romantic and “exactly what he wanted”, but they were relatively inexpensive and the kids go absolutely crazy over buying tangible things (as opposed to the gift cards that he.. *ahem*… really wanted). I mean what 5yo wants to buy daddy a gift card for his birthday? But anyways, I digress. So we bought these nice colorful plants.

I made sure to buy bulb plants, not just cut flowers, just for the reason of being able to plant them when the ground thawed.

So the ground has been nicely thawing for a few weeks, and the plants have been pretty much dying inside the house because… they’re plants (with flowers) and I have a really hard time keeping plants living in my house. Something about having to water them regularly? Anyway, moving on.

Tuesday was the day!

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Raw, windy, very chilly Tuesday.

I basically started a hole for them and had them dig it out. Johnny’s plant, the primrose, is the one I’m most concerned about not making it.

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The worms were out in full force.

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I wish I could say the above was *only* a posed squeamish face, but…. she really was not impressed with the worms.

But, dig on we did:

And removed from packaging…

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Inspected the bulbs/root system…



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Numerous discussions occurred about when the flowers will come back (hopefully they’ll make it through). They seem pretty excited that next spring they should see these flowers again.

And then we planted…

And patted down the dirt…

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… you’ve guessed it! His hands got dirty!

We spent the brief remainder of our outdoor time making kites/flags from the plant wrappers

And riding the bike, always riding the bike!

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~Ruth Anne

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