Weekly Photo Roundup {109-115}


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109/365 ~ Our homemade dyed Easter Eggs… The colors were “OK”, but not spectacular. More photos from our Easter Sunday in this post (in case you missed it)

110/365 ~ Spent some time outside. One of the kids shoved some rocks into our (now-broken) strawberry box (must get that fixed!) and placed some cups on them for a tea party.

111/365 ~ baby Z. inspecting his feet.

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112/365 ~ Many apologies, in my planting post (more pictures from that event in the link), I stated we planted on Tuesday, but…. I checked and it was Wednesday. I know, no big deal, but I guess my days have run together a little more than I thought this week.

113/365 ~ When I came back from the store Thursday night, Karl started getting things and putting them away. When I peeked into the pantry to see what he was doing, I saw stacks of tuna fish cans. Then he moved the stacks to the kitchen. He was so precise and so proud of his towers. {And if anyone has any new ideas for ways to use tuna, I’m all ears 🙂 }

365project-2114/365 ~ Just chillin’ on the couch.

115/365 ~ My parents stair case.



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