Weekly Photo Roundup {109-115}


phfreaster (5 of 21)

109/365 ~ Our homemade dyed Easter Eggs… The colors were “OK”, but not spectacular. More photos from our Easter Sunday in this post (in case you missed it)

110/365 ~ Spent some time outside. One of the kids shoved some rocks into our (now-broken) strawberry box (must get that fixed!) and placed some cups on them for a tea party.

111/365 ~ baby Z. inspecting his feet.

planting (4 of 14)
112/365 ~ Many apologies, in my planting post (more pictures from that event in the link), I stated we planted on Tuesday, but…. I checked and it was Wednesday. I know, no big deal, but I guess my days have run together a little more than I thought this week.

113/365 ~ When I came back from the store Thursday night, Karl started getting things and putting them away. When I peeked into the pantry to see what he was doing, I saw stacks of tuna fish cans. Then he moved the stacks to the kitchen. He was so precise and so proud of his towers. {And if anyone has any new ideas for ways to use tuna, I’m all ears 🙂 }

365project-2114/365 ~ Just chillin’ on the couch.

115/365 ~ My parents stair case.



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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Roundup {109-115}

  1. Oooh tuna pasta bake is always a good one! I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds the days all merge…I always lose track in the hols! I like the little tea party cups – lovely colours 🙂

  2. Dear Ruth Anne,

    Loved this post.

    I suppose you’ve been told that our Saturday meal was often rice and beans and tuna fish salad. Hopefully accompanied by potato chips. The salad was just chopped cabbage with varying amounts of chopped onion and tomato, plus mayonnaise, with a can or two of tuna fish according to the amount of cabbage. I still love that meal.

    And I suppose you have also heard about tuna sauce over rice or biscuits. I prefer biscuits. The sauce was homemade white sauce with plenty of onion and tuna fish and canned peas.

    One that my mother made, but for which I do not have a recipe, was a casserole of layered tuna fish and crushed potato chips over which was poured a can of mushroom soup. More crushed chips for topping.

    My mother also made great tuna sandwiches with plenty of celery and onion and mayo.

    I never saw so many cans of tuna fish!

    Love, Grandma

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