Siblings {April}

Oh what a difference a month makes!


If you recall, last month’s sibling photo had them all wearing snowsuits! And now look! Bare toes! (And shoes on the wrong feet)




They were playing hard-to-smile and I was trying to get them to do *anything* to loosen up before Baby Z totally fell apart… hands in the air was all I could think of at the moment.

Let’s see sibling-y news for the month? Well, it’s been a lot of the same around here. Like I said, warmer weather, so more outside playing time.

Zachary has really been wanting to join in the fun, but he’s still a tad on the young side, he can’t really sit unsupported. So mostly he just lays and watches what he can. When I try to prop him on the couch he’s taken to propelling himself forwards; haven’t lost him off the edge yet, but he’s so forceful that I’m just not horribly comfortable with that set up anymore.

Katherine has taken to being a bit of a bully to the boys this past week (just random walk up to them and pull their hair, push them down, pinch them… all for apparently no reason) :(. I’m really at a loss for how to handle the situation because she basically doesn’t respond to *anything*. The latest punishment is to not play with anyone… that started tonight and is going through Friday morning…. so we’ll see how tomorrow goes. If you have suggestions, I’m open to ideas. (She’s just about 5 1/2).

This is just totally unlike her because she loves the boys and they adore her – can barely do anything without her it seems. I dunno.

Karl is trying desperately to keep up with the older kids.



He has been doing marginally better with the tantrums these past few days. I know people have said “Oh, he’s just reacting to Zachary being born, etc…” But then he told me on Monday, I think it was “I love Zachu-wy” “You do?” I asked him. He smiled his goofy smile and shook his head “Ye-ah”

And Johnny. He’s decided he wants to start reading lessons, I think mostly to do the same thing Katherine is doing. If I don’t push anything while we’re doing it he actually does OK.


~Ruth Anne


This post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Into’s here

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