City Kids Out of Doors: chalk fun and picnics {p,h,f,r}

We’ve had a few non-rainy days this week 🙂 One was ever really, really, “warm”. I know, I know, all my Southern friends will laugh when I say the temp reached *maybe* 65,  but for us… that’s warm. And maybe even jacket-less 😉

This was from our picnic. I should have thought to grab a shot of all the kids eating, but we ended up inviting the neighbor girls over to eat with us… and I *did* take a photo of all of them together but not my kids so I didn’t want to just be posting photos of them. Anyways, good times. I’m sure we’ll have more picnics and I’ll be taking more photos of them eating. But, so, so glad we’re getting back to this point. I think it helps everyone be in a better mood 🙂


PHFR-Apr17 (1 of 19)
Chalk.  I’m a sucker for {photos of} spilled crayons, chalk, etc…

PHFR-Apr17 (14 of 19)



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Katherine wrote the numbers (all of them are there 1-10). Karl was pointing them out and counting.   {Homeschool moment of the day! #win}

PHFR-Apr17 (4 of 19)

This particular day was a bit on the hard side, for me at least. Katherine was in “no play” punishment for the day on account of hitting, yelling, scratching, etc…. her brothers.

We’ve I’ve been struggling with how to deal with this because she isn’t normally like this. Yes, she’s a bossy big sister, oldest child and all. And there’s a certain degree to which that’s just her role in the age order, and everyone really does just accept it. The boys look up to her, and I think in a lot of ways wait for her to lead the way; they really seem a little lost without her, Johnny especially.

Anyways, Jared imposed the no-play-day, which was fine, but I was left to implement it. Which was probably just as hard for me as it was for her.

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He never did quite get the hang of hopping on one foot, but he had a great time jumping around

In which they all try to jump while holding hands…

{I’m thinking this may work better when they’re just a little bit older}

lines work better
lines work better


We made it through the day though, for what it was worth. I’ve since been thinking about other ways to address the issue and have come up with a few ideas.

It seems what I’ve come out of these last few days learning is the amount of pro-active work that it takes to teach children right from wrong, good from bad, kind from unkind.

I think I always just thought that those things were inherent in each person because I don’t remember specifically learning right from wrong, but I know if I was anything like my kids are then I must have had to learn it at some point.

It just seems a bit daunting to take on the task of teaching right and wrong.

{Real Life Blog Posting for You: I wrote this piece last, and wanted to take it further, but…. my brain is fried and I’m feeling overwhelmed, so I’m gonna publish and ask for prayers! Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again, and we’re planning on cooking-out! Kids are excited! So am I! Enjoy the rest of the photos!}

Katherine's hopscotch, again, all the numbers are there! To Note: "Mine is pretty, it has a flower on top" ~ Katherine
Katherine’s hopscotch, again, all the numbers are there!
To Note: “Mine is pretty, it has a flower on top” ~ Katherine

PHFR-Apr17 (1 of 1)


Zachary didn’t make it outside with us on the hopscotch day. It was just a little bit cooler and breezier than I wanted him to be out in. Plus he was “napping” (although I did hear him from one of the not-supposed-to-be-opened windows while we were outside).

After we went in, I decided to try my hand with feeding him rice and beans.

All the other kids LOVE them…

… Don’t know how sure he is of them just yet.

Anyways, I guess I should just start terming these posts “photo dump posts” because that’s what they’ve become 🙂

~Ruth Anne

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5 thoughts on “City Kids Out of Doors: chalk fun and picnics {p,h,f,r}

  1. It looks like you all had a great time getting some fresh air and enjoying your lunch in the sunshine, even if it wasn’t really summer temperatures yet. It’s great to see the three of them on the hopscotch together, I don’t think their plan worked very well but it’s lovely to see the working as a team. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  2. Thanks for the post. You are a good photographer. I’m sure you’re a good mother, too, even though you may have doubts some days.

    I remember playing hopscotch on the sidewalk when I was a kid, a city kid.

    Love, grandma

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