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out front (4 of 6)So, I don’t know that I’ve ever done an even remotely “earth day”-y post before… and I can’t honestly say this will be one per se, but I have had thoughts floating around in my head for the past few weeks and thought I’d go ahead and put them together now 🙂

{Also, unrelated it’s my Uncle Peter’s birthday, so if in this big wide world in which he’s wandering he finds this blog post: Happy Birthday!}

I was thinking earlier this month that our sidewalk and front gutter (on the street) were looking kinda dirty. Leaves, paper, old coffee cups, sand, the normal stuff that ends up there when one lives in the city. “Someone should really clean this up” I thought to myself. But, I wasn’t particularly motivated. I’d pick up a big piece of trash when I put the bins out every week, but not much else.

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In the mornings around breakfast time I’ve been doing the Mass readings with the kids. We follow that with a children’s version of a morning offering. In the “regular” morning offering we pray specifically for the intentions of the Holy Father, but in the children’s version that we have, it’s not spelled out. So I’ve tried to make it a point to read the intentions before we pray, just to be aware of them (our church’s bulletin conveniently lists them right after the daily Mass readings,so super easy to remember!).

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Anyways, one of the intentions for April is:

That people may learn to respect creation and care for it as a gift of God.

Cue explaining to the kids what respect is, and what creation is, and gifts of God…. It kind of hit me in that moment, that here I was trying to explain to my kids how to respect God’s creation all the while letting trash pile up in front of my house, only to be taken care of if/when it blows on down the street.

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I think I let it slide for another few days before I figured I’d better just do something about it. Especially since it was pretty much just in my face every day “Respect creation” “respect creation” “respect creation”.

And now Wednesdays are “clean up the front sidewalk” days. Wednesdays because it’s trash day also and we usually aren’t doing much else on Wednesdays.


clearly I have tons of help :)
clearly I have tons of help 🙂

This involves sweeping the leaves and sand out the gutter, pulling the weeds from the cracks in the sidewalk, putting the miscellaneous bottles that have made their way over into the recycling bin. Capturing fly-away plastic bags, weeding the flower bed… watering the flower bed, things like that.

I don’t really identify myself as a “green living” kind of person, although I have made efforts in the past few years to be a little more conscious of what we do. I really believe that we should do the little bits that we can, to the extent that we’re able. And this is my one little bit that I can do right now: keep clean my little section of the street.

{And really, I have no excuse: the elderly couple across the street does not only their front yard, but the neighboring abandoned house too!}

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