Weekly Photo Roundup {123-129}

rose leaf (1 of 1)

{123/365} – I kinda went on a leaf hunt this week… This was also a go-outside-and-relieve-some-stress-with-th-camera time.P is for... (1 of 1)


{124/365} – Right. Like I said. More leaves 🙂

splash (1 of 1)


{125/365} – To be noted: It wasn’t really warm enough to be in water at all… and it was only after I let them splash that I realized this puddle was actually not really clean… Disappointment all around. But the few minutes before that they had a blast!

out front (2 of 6)


{126/365} – We spent some time cleaning up in the front

six months{127/365} – This little guy turned 6 months! He was clearly not impressed with laying on the floor whilst being photographed.
Some quick stats for him:

  • weighed in at 19 lbs (more or less, he had clothes on and was doing a bunch of wiggling so it was probably close…)
  • 26 1/2″ (which explains why his clothes are long on him)
  • Clothes: size 18 months. (I moved him out of 12 mo. because they were getting tight to put on, but these are all long in the sleeves/legs)
  • Eats: Just about anything you can feed him
  • Eats: ALL. THE. TIME. (we’re still nursing, but some nights… it’s very tempting to just give up and start formula full time…)

mending (1 of 1)

{128/365} – took care of mending a pair of my mom’s work jeans. In exchange she’s taking my winter jacket to be dry-cleaned (she works at a laundry-mat, so it’s convenient for her). Took me about 10 minutes, and it’ll save me some $$. 🙂 This will also be the first time since owning this jacket that it’s been cleaned… something like 10 years?… *ahem*… I’ll just be glad to finally be able to say that there is no residual baby spit up on it… from Karl…

John (1 of 1)

{129/365} – It warmed up a little tiny bit this afternoon. So, my kids played tea party outside.


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