Scavenger Hunt Sunday {26 April}

Scavenger Hunting over on this blog today because I’m getting tired of posting on two blogs. So, maybe I’ll just switch back to one ??? … Oh decisions, decisions.

Anyways, hunting around this week for the random things 🙂


April25 (2 of 5)

It turned into what I would term a beautiful early Spring day (by mid-afternoon). I’m not sure what happened to our almost warm weather, but I guess it decided it had had enough of New England. Hopefully it’s planning its return!

~ My Perspective~

April25 (1 of 5)

This is a lot of times how I see them: through a door or a window, being silly


April25 (4 of 5)

Never too many devices, amiright?


April25 (5 of 5)

Picked up a “fresh” supply of “fresh” fruit when shopping. We seem to almost not be able to keep in in the house, which is a good problem I guess 🙂


April25-me (1 of 1)

I didn’t take this photo. Miss Kitty was very willing to oblige. 😉 From earlier this week where I took the kiddos to a playground to run off some energy.This is Z’s first swing ride. This is me, who I am: a mama. 🙂


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