Book Review: Mama Maggie


Mama Maggie: The Untold Story of One Woman’s Mission to Love the Forgotten Children of Egypt’s Garbage Slums by Marty Makary and Ellen Vaughn is the story about a Coptic Christian woman, Maggie Gobran aka “Mama Maggie”, and the ministry she began to reach the children in the garbage slums of Egypt.

While I really enjoyed reading about Mama Maggie and Stephen’s Children (her ministry), I had a bit of a hard time with the actual writing.

First off, I didn’t feel a lot of continuity in the story. It didn’t flow well, and seemed a little “choppy”. Now, the information for the book did come from multiple interviews (family and friends of Mama Maggie, workers at Stephen’s Children, etc…) so that could have contributed to the jumpiness of the story, but I felt it should have been handled a little better.

Also, the story felt very casual and first-draft like. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that style of writing, because I know that’s how I tend to write the blog, but to me a published book shouldn’t sound like it’s trying to be a spoken conversation. There were a number of sentences that began “So, today …..”

Finally, this book was more about Mama Maggie AND her organization. I went into the book expecting to come out knowing Mama Maggie, and I left only knowing about her… AND Stephen’s Children. Again, nothing wrong with that (see paragraph below), but the description didn’t quite match up to what the book was about.

However, on the flip side I DID enjoy getting to know about Mama Maggie and Stephen’s Children and the important work that they do on a daily basis. Before I read this book I didn’t know that either of them existed. I did feel like I got a real sense of the struggles these people go through on a daily basis, both with being Christian and living in poverty. It really did make me stop and think how well we have it here.

Overall, I know it didn’t sound like I cared for this book on account of the writing, but I really did enjoyed the content. It is truly amazing the work they are accomplishing. And at the beginning of each chapter they had a quote and those were simply amazing!


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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {3 May}


scav hunt 3 may (3 of 3)

Can I tell you how happy I was when we pulled out of the driveway for Mass today and there were dandelions in the grass???!!!???!!! I think the winter must have done something to my brain to be this excited about ALIVE dandelions 🙂


scav hunt 3 may (1 of 3)

She was obviously not moving, so I made some camera movement for the photo.

~Starts with T~

scav hunt 3 may (2 of 3)

Ok, stretching this one just a bit. These are pear blossoms (on a pear tree of course… so that counts?)

I kinda just love blossoms ❤

~Friends or Family~

scav hunt 3 may (1 of 1)

Approximately one-third of the family. Impromptu Sunday dinner together.

~Photographer’s Choice~

scav hunt 3 may pc (1 of 1)

I love, love, love this photo. Especially since it shows the old dry flower, the dead stalk (where the flowers used to be) and new buds.


Weekly Photo Roundup {130-136}

I’ve had about a million things I wanted to post this week… but I didn’t quite get to any of them.. (except one, on Monday).

Definitely not a bad week here, but time seems to be so short in the evenings between when the kids finally get to bed and I get too tired to do much other than sit and read for a few minutes before falling asleep myself.

So, our week, in Photos:

blossoms (1 of 1)

{130/365} – at church last Sunday there was a tree in blossom, which Katherine was totally enchanted by. We spent a few minutes just sitting under it after Mass. Can I tell you just how lovely it is to finally see trees with color?

daffodils (1 of 3)

{131/365} – Daffodils picked by my little guys (the post I managed to write up on being a shepherd to my little flock)

bubbles (1 of 1)

{132/365} – Blowing bubbles! This year they’ve finally managed to get the hang of “blowing”. Their absolute favorite place to blow is directly onto Zachary 🙂

seeds (1 of 1)

{133/365} – We planted seeds (one of my phantom posts… maybe I’ll write it up this week?)

onions (1 of 1)

{134/365} – The onions that I had saved last year, and plopped into the ground in November (which BTW is super late for planting here) decided to come up!!! I was so happy when I saw these.


{135/365} – Chocolate Chip banana bread for breakfast! Yum!

wedding (1 of 1)

{136/365} – Katherine and I went to a wedding yesterday for the sole purpose of seeing “what” exactly a wedding is and “what” a flower girl does. (Yay for Catholic weddings where everyone’s invited!) This is all practice for being the flower girl at my brother and (to be)sister-in-laws wedding in August. It was even in the same church so wins all around. She spent the rest of the afternoon playing wedding and flower girl (and trying to get the boys to play too) 🙂


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