Weekly Photo Roundup {130-136}

I’ve had about a million things I wanted to post this week… but I didn’t quite get to any of them.. (except one, on Monday).

Definitely not a bad week here, but time seems to be so short in the evenings between when the kids finally get to bed and I get too tired to do much other than sit and read for a few minutes before falling asleep myself.

So, our week, in Photos:

blossoms (1 of 1)

{130/365} – at church last Sunday there was a tree in blossom, which Katherine was totally enchanted by. We spent a few minutes just sitting under it after Mass. Can I tell you just how lovely it is to finally see trees with color?

daffodils (1 of 3)

{131/365} – Daffodils picked by my little guys (the post I managed to write up on being a shepherd to my little flock)

bubbles (1 of 1)

{132/365} – Blowing bubbles! This year they’ve finally managed to get the hang of “blowing”. Their absolute favorite place to blow is directly onto Zachary πŸ™‚

seeds (1 of 1)

{133/365} – We planted seeds (one of my phantom posts… maybe I’ll write it up this week?)

onions (1 of 1)

{134/365} – The onions that I had saved last year, and plopped into the ground in November (which BTW is super late for planting here) decided to come up!!! I was so happy when I saw these.


{135/365} – Chocolate Chip banana bread for breakfast! Yum!

wedding (1 of 1)

{136/365} – Katherine and I went to a wedding yesterday for the sole purpose of seeing “what” exactly a wedding is and “what” a flower girl does. (Yay for Catholic weddings where everyone’s invited!) This is all practice for being the flower girl at my brother and (to be)sister-in-laws wedding in August. It was even in the same church so wins all around. She spent the rest of the afternoon playing wedding and flower girl (and trying to get the boys to play too) πŸ™‚


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