R is for…



We brought out the little kiddie pool yesterday, since we jumped all the way to summer-like temps complete with lovely New England humidity. (I’m not complaining, really… I enjoy being warm.)


Anyways, they spent the time filling up the pool happily obliging me and making rainbows with the hose.


Unfortunately the pool was short lived. They only lasted a few minutes before someone got water dumped on their head (I know, right?) and fussing and crying were just too much. I probably should have let them just continue playing, but this was getting on towards the end of the day and it happened right after someone had decided to pee in the water… so… my patience was gone… At least they were happy about the rainbows! Some days motherhood is just hard.

Oh well, it’s only May. We’ll have some more nicer days.


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8 thoughts on “R is for…

    1. It was only for this one day warm enough. But it hasn’t stopped them from asking for it since then. Soon enough, it’ll be warm enough on most days!

  1. The rainbow makers sure like they’re having fun, even if it did end in tears, always the way,
    usually after a long and fun packed day!
    Lovely pictures too.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

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