just spring {p,h,f,r}


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Just popping in to share some photos from the previous weeks. Seems like that’s all I share these days. But I hope you enjoy taking a peek!

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside, which is good. I’ve been taking pictures, which is good. But I haven’t always had the time to get them posted (not so good).


Pear trees, hyacinths, little baby lilies and even the grass. So much hopefulness that shows up in spring. I pretty much can’t get enough of it!



We had a company yard sale the other day and the kids had a lemonade stand, which I think I mentioned. But as expected they tired of it… They ended up finding some nails, hammers and wood and having a great old time sitting on the wood pile.

I’ve been enjoying looking back through these pictures, as they were taken over the last few weeks. It’s made me happy. Today and yesterday were really long, and ended with me being a little more snappy than I wanted (or needed) to be. I was reminded, by my husband (who is ever so level-headed) that they are just 5, 4, and 3 years old (and the baby, but I wasn’t snappy at him). So I’m resolving to do better tomorrow, and *try* to just let them be 5, 4, and 3 years old.


This child of mine tries my patience on most days. But… he is just so hilariously funny.

A gem from the other day, we were at my nephew’s birthday party, Karl trots down the stairs from using the “facilities”, walks behind Jared, pats him on the back, says:

Jared, I just went pee, OK?


onions (1 of 1)

We had onions come up in this spot by the fence in the front yard. It’s a great spot for these (and garlic) as there isn’t tons of sun, the soil is a little rocky, and nothing else grows there. Plus we don’t use that particular section of the front.

So, anyways, I was super excited that these onions I planted way, way late last fall came up. They had been sitting protectively in my onion basket all summer, so I wasn’t sure they’d come up. But they did!

And then I forgot to tell my brother, who wonderfully mows our yard for free freeze-pops, that I had planted onions there…

Maybe they’ll come back again? And the garlic too?


~Ruth Anne

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4 thoughts on “just spring {p,h,f,r}

  1. Really beautiful photos. Love your collages. Spring is so full of promise, no? I have a perpetually dirty faced little guy. Your’s sounds like a hoot!

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