Small Success Thursday {2015 #2}


1 ~ I was able to witness a living miracle. Last Christmas our neighbor’s nephew was hospitalized for an aneurism. He was.. is… young, early 20s. We’ve prayed for him every day since we heard about him. He surprised everyone by surviving and has been slowly getting better. He came by to visit his aunt (the neighbor) last week and I was able to see him! I basically spent the rest of the evening trying not to choke up.

He still has a ways to go in recovery. He can stand and walk. But his memory is still shaky. He’s been able to remember his siblings, but he has a daughter and he doesn’t remember her. So prayers for his continued healing would be blessing for his family. His name is Jose.

2 ~ I paid the bills and did other general money stuff without losing my temper. Huge, huge success! Related: I also didn’t yell at Jared during this time… calmly asked questions, yes, but didn’t yell today. So, so much relief.

3 ~ I prepped a small area of our driveway for incoming tomato plants. I’ve been putting this off for a few weeks now. Hopefully this weekend they’ll be there.

4 ~ Worked up a housecleaning schedule that seems like it’s sticking. Going on three weeks, and have had only minor deviations here and there. This is so, so much of a stress reliever. I mean, I’m a pretty lazy cleaner anyway, but just having something in place that’s not overwhelming but still gets most everything done is really helpful.

5 ~ Got all of us over to Mass today! We may have skimped just a little on the lunch part before hand (it’s a noon Mass), but we made it!


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