Siblings {May}

sibs may-3

This past month has seemed to go a bit better than last month. I mean we still have many, many squabbles. But they seem to be genuinely liking each other a lot more.

Katherine has really embraced reading to the boys. (Mostly only if I’m not available to read.. if I’m sitting there waiting to read to them, she won’t do it.) There have been quite a few moments like the one above where they’re all squished onto the couch reading!

A few days ago we took Zachary for a ride in the cars. The big kids LOVED it, Z, was just trying to figure out what was going on. Karl did take a short ride with him as well, but wasn’t really able to hold on to Z and move the car at the same time, so… I had to hold the baby (and move the car for them), so I didn’t get a picture.

I’ve noticed so much more working/playing together from all of them. Maybe it’s just the increased time outside. We’ve spent almost every possible moment out there. Some days, like today, starting before 7:00 AM…. Or maybe it’s just an increase in my saying to them to “work it out”. Either way, it’s good to see.

sibs may-4

I especially love this photo because it shows Karl and Zachary looking at each other and (sorta) smiling. I always, in the back of my mind, wonder how Karl is doing with losing his place as the baby especially because of the tantrums he’s able to throw. But I’ve heard on more than one occasion from him in the past month “I luv you Zak-a-wy”.

~Ruth Anne


This post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Into’s here

dear beautiful
Also joining up with CoomeMills for Country Kids, I know this isn’t a single solitary outdoor event, but we’ve spent so much time outside, I’ve not had a chance to share all the individual adventures, so just giving a short version here.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Weekly Photo Roundup {137-150}

Here’s my last two weeks worth of Daily Photos. I missed last Sunday’s posting because I just simply ran out of hours to get photos downloaded, adjusted, uploaded and written about.

But, here you go. Two week’s of daily life according to us.Β weekly end 5-9 (1 of 4)

{137/365} – Playing “wedding” with very obliging aunties. Dressed in blankets and holding boxes for the rings and flowers πŸ˜‰

weekly end 5-9 (2 of 4)

{138/365} – Just a quick stroll to the park around the corner. Made some new friends, and helped push on the swing.

weekly end 5-9 (3 of 4)

{139/365} – We went to the library (again) and I took a picture of the kids running around at St Michael’s (again). But I just *heart* this photo so much, so I don’t mind sharing it.

weekly end 5-9 (4 of 4)

{140/365} – Almost too long to lay on the chair in this direction. Occupied for just a minute longer with the bulb syringe.

weekly end 5-9

{141/365} – We ate lunch outside (we have been doing a lot of that these past few weeks). Makes it super easy for clean up #mommywin! Finally managed to take a few photos.

weekly end 5-9 (1 of 1)

{142/365} – Rolling around after bath time. I pretty much can’t leave him on the bed anymore. He’s gotten super good at rolling and scooting around. No crawling yet, but he’s been trying πŸ™‚

weekly end 5-9 1

{143/365} – We did a yard sale for the company. I brought the kids. We had a lemonade stand and played with markers.

{Now we’re up to THIS week ~ Starting with Sunday again}

aiden's bday

{144/365} Aiden’s birthday. You’d better believe that’s my boy (on the right) trying to blow out the candles. It doesn’t matter who’s birthday it is, he always (and I mean ALWAYS) thinks it’s his turn to blow out the candles.


{145/365} Our “Rainbow” day

Abba and the kids


{146/365} – My sister came home! The kids have asked approximately 2,964.627 times if she will be here for their birthday (in September). {And yes, she will be as far as I’m aware}


{147/365} – He just didn’t quite make it all the way through to bedtime (this was around 5:00 PM)

{148/365} – they really, REALLY wanted to bring in the trash bin all by themselves.

Karl and dirt more-2 Karl and dirt more

{149/365} – There were so many good photos I could share that were yesterday, but I feel the need to share these two because I used a different one from this series for my Silent Sunday/BW photo for the week… (it’s here if you want to see)… anyways, he’s not smiling in those pictures, and that’s why I picked it, because he wasn’t (smiling). But it does make him look really very sad. And he wasn’t. Ok. Well, he was very much enjoying me taking pictures of him, and he really wanted “to see”, and was having just the teensiest bit of a hard time waiting.


{150/365} – the highlight of the day (possibly week? month?) was that my dad went to get more sand for the sandbox. It hasn’t been refilled in probably two summers, so it was getting pretty low. The kids spent the ENTIRE afternoon there (and I’m not even exaggerating a little bit..) From 1:00PM after we got home from my parents until I made them come in to wash up before dinner at 5:00PM they were there. Along with the neighbor girls.

And that ’bout wraps up the weeks in photos. Making my sibling post now because it’s already past the 15th. So, feel free to keep clicking the posts to see more of us πŸ™‚

And if you choose not to, that’s ok. Happy weekend!


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