India in BW



Well, it’s been about a million years since I went to India, since you know in mommy-brain land seven years is more than a lifetime ago, especially since it was pre-kiddos (and pre-hubby for that matter). I also realized I’ve never actually shared them, anywhere. Ever. So… I thought maybe BW would be a nice way to show them. fatehpursikri-2 fatehpursikri fatehpursikri1


All three of these are from a place called Fatehpur-Sikri in the Agra district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. If you happen to be spectacular at Indian geography it was about an hour and a half “taxi” ride from the Taj Mahal.

Actually, I rather enjoyed visiting this palace, it was MUCH less crowded than the T.M.

Since it has been so long since I was there, my memory of what the actual places in the palace are called is sketchy at best. Also I’m pretty sure we didn’t have any sort of tour guide or map or anything, we just kinda wandered around and read the signs we could.

But, as best I remember:

Top: Detail of a wall. Almost every. single. wall. had detailed carving in it.

Middle: Hallway..?

Bottom: I’m pretty sure this was something like the Palace of Winds.

I’m planning to keep sharing a few of these at a time.

Happy weekend everyone!



BW PhotoWeekend in Black and White


11 thoughts on “India in BW

  1. Really interesting photography but the architectural shots are stunning because of their clear, crisp lines and exp the second one it’s lack of shadows. Lovely lines and a lovely eye for capturing these photos

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