Weekly Photo Roundup {151-157}



{151/365} – I bought myself some veggies and herbs at the local plant sale last weekend. So delightful to walk out of the house on Sunday and be able to smell all those herbs. I did get most of them planted through out the week. Makes me happy!

mothers day flowers ad

{152/365} – took some pictures and did some editing of these Mother’s Day flowers. They’re just about gone now, but they lasted quite a while.


{153/365} – Cannot recall the occasion, but this was at my mom’s. And lovely Auntie Abba made a “robot” out of cardboard and tape.


{154/365} – tried their hand at “baseball” this week…. lets just say, they aren’t ready for the big leagues just yet… 😉


{155/365} – My dad’s company was doing some work on a neighbor’s house. So he stopped by before going there and dropped off these flowers. I think maybe I just love taking pictures of flowers 🙂


{156/365} – Dropped the kiddos off with my parents so we could have our “date night” (baby actually comes with us still – nursing and all that), but this was just a minute while we stopped in. Loves watching Uncle Matt play his guitar.

And… not two minutes after this we heard gunshots right outside (5:00PM mind you)… No one was injured, but it managed to mess up my equilibrium for the rest of the evening. #citylivingatitsfinest!

weekly5247mo-2 weekly5247mo-3 weekly5247mo

{157/365} – 7 months guys!!! I mean… Oh.. heart’s just melting right now.


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