Weekly Photo Roundup {158-164}

week ending 5-30

{158/365} – In case you all were wondering, this is what Mass looks like outdoors, when the sun’s directly in your face.

week ending 5-301

{159/365} – I’m not sure, but I think this little guy could go for Memorial Day picnics every day. What you can’t tell from this photo is that he worked on that watermelon rind for at least 20 minutes.

week ending 5-302


{160/365} – My alternate entry for “T is for…” It was going to be for Time, but I ended up picking something else (click that link to see – hint, it’s in India!)

week ending 5-303


{161/365} – My brother came to mow the lawn. This is probably one of the highlights of the kids’ summer-time. This year they even got to “help” push the mower. {You can head over to Instagram to see a few videos}

Kat and the letters


{162/365} – Not sure how clear it is in these photos, but I hung up two handmade charts, one with Vowels and one with the “vowels walking together…” phonics rule. We’ve been working on reading for a while. Katherine gets it most of the time, but the particular book we’re using doesn’t lay out any actual phonics rules, so these are to reinforce what it is we’re actually learning.

Anyway, she was super excited to have the charts up on the wall! #itsthelittlethings

week ending 5-305


{163/365} – Guys! The roses finally bloomed!!!!!!!

week ending 5-306


{164/365} – Bath time. Karl is counting his line of bath toys (specifically asking me to “take a picture, mom”) and Zachary’s just taking it all in. Gotta say, it’s so convenient that he’s learned to hold himself in a sitting position, it makes baths so much easier πŸ™‚


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