I finished it!!!!! {and WIWS}


First we’ll take care of what I put together for Mass yesterday:


I, ummmm, didn’t manage to get a photo before so… this is after we got home. And I realized only after the photo was done that my hair was needing to be redone.


What I wore:

Black Sandals (BTW I only have one pair of church sandals, and it’s these ones, which I wear all summer, until it’s absolutely impossibly too cold to wear them anymore, because I really, REALLY dislike closed shoes – that to say, I’m not going to keep mentioning my shoes, unless for some unknown reason I wear something else).
Black skirt with purple “embroidery” {thrifted}
Black sleeveless top {Belk sale rack a few years back}
Pearl necklace {gifted by my grandmother, but it belonged to my great-great-Aunt… just love little family details like this <3}
Pearl earrings {gifted by an aunt and uncle in Costa Rica; part of my first set of pearl anything}
Veil (you can see it in last week’s post ~ it was well off by the time we got home)

One of my favorite things about Trinity Sunday is that we usually sing the old hymn Holy, Holy, Holy. And before becoming Catholic I had only ever heard that hymn sung in my non-Catholic family, so I had always associated it with being a Protestant hymn (which when I looked it up it actually isn’t strictly Protestant, as it was written by an Anglican for the purpose of Trinity Sunday – reference here), and it was always a nice hymn, but it never really stood out to me.

I remember last year, Father was doing his homily about the Trinity, and he did the Benediction and they played that hymn for the recessional.

Just the words:

God in Three Persons, blessed Trinity!

It was just the perfect way to tie it all. I was able to internalize it so much more!

WIWS over at Fine Linen and Purple



I finished my afghan!!!

or, well, I guess it’s Jared’s afghan 😉

afghan done1

afghan done

And… it won’t fit hanging on the wall where I thought it would. (That’s a queen sized bed and it’s laying across the end). So, another place I shall find.

I have some thoughts on this project that I’m in the process of writing up (the goal is to have them finished by Wednesday)

UP next:


Finishing up the doily in the inset. This picture was take WAY back right after I had started it (early this year), and I’m on the outer edge now, but if you look real close there’s a flower in the middle that needs to be done, and that’s not done.

This is a project requested by Katherine, since she wanted one for her table so she could match my table. Actually, what she really wanted was the doily on my table, but I decided I would make her one because somewhere in my foggy New Year’s / Winter brain that seemed easier?

But it’s nearly complete now, so I’m just going to finish it 🙂


Link to the link-up in the image! (Over at SaintAffairs)


5 thoughts on “I finished it!!!!! {and WIWS}

  1. I love skirts with embroidery. Very pretty! And jewelry handed down from family is the best. I have a gold bangle bracelet that belonged to my grandmother’s great-aunt. I treasure it (even though I never met my grandmother’s great-aunt). The afghan looks great! And I can’t wait to see the finished doily. 🙂

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