Weekly Photo Roundup {165-171}

A bit of a hodge-podge of photos for the week. Most of these are just phone snaps, and more than once I was about ready to crawl into bed and suddenly couldn’t remember if I had take a photo. (I had, but it turned out to be exactly 1). So….


We had a cold snap the beginning part of the week which completely threw me off because I hadn’t realized how much I rely on the kids being able to go out and play for a good portion of the day. And suddenly they were in the house wanting to be entertained ALL THE TIME… and that was just a little rough.

We did end up having a Star Wars afternoon one day because… it was just that time…

Here’s to the next week. (Lets get out the “REAL” camera!)
w-e66{165/365} – A certain sister decided to grace him with her butterfly “funglasses”

afghan done

{166/365} – I finished my crochet afghan that I’ve been working on for 2+ years (and a few thoughts about crochet and marriage that I wrote up in regards to this project)


{167/365} – So the only picture I took Tuesday was of some green-tomato spice cake that I made, which we proceeded ate for breakfast đŸ™‚

w-e66wed{168/365} – It was fairly chilly on Wednesday so we spent a good bit of the day indoors. And made puzzles. Shhhhh… no one say anything, these guys are working together, sitting in the same chair and everything!


{169/365} – The batman cap came in a grab bag earlier this week. Karl especially has loved wearing it… backwards of course!


{170/365} – It was actually rather nice on Friday. But, I guess they got tired of being outside because they came in and asked if we could “do school”. So I obliged, and we did a few pages in some workbooks. However, to keep Karl occupied so he wouldn’t color on said workbooks, I set him up cutting up some random bits of string and paper… well, of course THAT is more fun than workbooks, so soon all had joined.


{171/365} – My youngest brother and my youngest boy


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