a peak into a summer-like day {p,h,f,r}

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We finally have some blackberry blossoms. To be honest, I’m still surprised they keep coming back, since they’re in some pretty good shade. We don’t usually get a lot… well, maybe we do, but we usually eat them as soon as they’re even remotely dark, so I don’t actually know how many we get. 🙂

Our rose bushes have really taken off. They were wet today because of some “watering” by the kids. And I love some raindrops on roses…

Have I mentioned the story behind these roses? The one on the left was an anniversary gift I gave to Jared the first year we moved here. The other two photos are from a bush that was given to me by my grandparents for Mother’s Day (?) I think about three years ago.

Always makes me happy!



Zachary got to go into the wading pool for the first time today. He. Was. Thrilled. This child LOVES bath time, so getting to be in water was just so much fun!


(even the water dumped over his head by a “helpful” older brother didn’t really phase him)


(taken immediately after the water dump)


Not sure what the game was, but I totally love seeing their imagination at work – discarded tools from daddy’s truck, old flower hangers, ice cream scoops, sandbox toys and water equal so much fun and goofiness for them

I also really love seeing my boys together.


After a while they decided that the plants needed watering. I told them to go for it, especially because Someone… *cough* me *cough*…. is REALLY bad about getting them watered….

….So in order they watered: A Weed, A dead blueberry bush. Parsley

Of course that left “Mr. Chubs” with no in-pool entertainment

Until he found a leaf…

… at which point I decided that since the water was mostly gone at this point, it was just time to call it a day.


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