Siblings {June}

This past weekend we spent some time on a beach house of one of our friends. We go there a few times a year. I tried to get photos of the kids together. But the big kids were always off on their next adventure and it was hard to carry around the baby 🙂

siblings june-4

Hello June! Hello Summer! (Sort of… depending on the day…) We’ve been doing lots of hanging out outside. The big kids have been playing *mostly* nicely with each other.

siblings june-3

Karl seems to be keeping up just a little bit more with the two oldest.

on the beach

Zachary is pretty much content to sit and watch. Except for when he’s done. Then he’s done. He absolutely doesn’t know what to do with himself if the others aren’t around for him to watch. For example, this morning he was up before the rest, he had eaten, I had set him on the floor because I was trying to read a book (mind I’d already been holding him for a good while). He was fussy and generally not happy… until.. he saw Johnny. Then he was all giggles and smiles


Again… sitting on the side lines while they “grill” with their Papa (grandpa).

I did capture one picture of them all together, from the other day

siblings june2-3


Here’s to getting them all in one photo looking at me next month!

~Ruth Anne


This post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Into’s here

dear beautiful

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