Weekly Photo Roundup {172-185}

Right, so last weekend we were away Saturday night through Sunday afternoon and I was just too exhausted to sit and put up photos… but now, here we are again on a Saturday night, after 9:00PM and I have two weeks of photos to put up… and I’m still tired. Have contemplated just not putting them up, but then I think how this is the easiest way to fall off the 365 Project.

So, on we go… (words kept to a minimum)


{172/365} – Fed Zachary before Mass… yes, he required an outfit change


{173/365} – Zachary’s outdoor confinement area… mostly so he doesn’t get SO many leaves and things in his mouth. Not that I have a problem if he eats leaves, per se, but he can’t really swallow them, thereby choking… which is no bueno. So pool it is. And sometimes big brothers visit, with lightsabers.

Z and Jaredc

{174/365} – Couldn’t choose which one I liked of Jared and Zachary playing on the floor… So I used them all.

Z sleeping

{175/365} – Zachary sleeping.

{Gosh, that’s all Z…. let’s see if we can’t find some other things for the rest of the days 😉 }

Rose v1

{176/365} – We spent some time outside… so of course, I took some photos of my roses 🙂

Karl clipping

{177/365} – We popped over to my parents for a bit (don’t remember why), the boys got it in their heads they wanted to use the clippers… so….. they did…


{178/365} – Where we were last weekend (that bright spot in the water is the kids getting into a boat to go out with my parents – planning on sharing a few more of those in the next week, since I completely forgot this week..)


{179/365} – Another things all the kids loved from the weekend away was all the climbing they did.


{180/365} – Monday morning I realized that if we’re to have family stay with us for my brother’s wedding (which if you recall our timeline, takes place just days after we return from our road trip to the southlands), I figured I better get the attic room cleared up BEFORE we leave instead of after we get back…. Anyways, one of the things I need to clean is all my yarn that’s covering the bed. But… I can’t just shove it in a box and leave it, nope. I have to get it all untangled and rolled nicely…. right…

{181/365} – Karl tried on his Ring “Bear” suit for Simon and Yasie’s wedding… Hard to say who was more excited. Karl or Yasie?


{182/365} – Someone gave the kids a bag of little figurines… Now I have all these random movie characters watching over… everything


{183/365} – Icon class!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was “choosing which icon we were going to be working on”. I did eventually choose this one (The Good Shepherd)

{184/365} – Children of contractors… they get the old “blueprints” and have a blast!


{185/365} – right now. This is what I’m doing. 🙂 The only photo I took today.

And that’s a wrap folks. Thanks for sticking with me till the end! And now I’m going to bed.


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