Weekly Photo Roundup {186-206}

No the title is not a typo. I’ll break this into weeks to make it more manageable (three weeks total –  most details on week 3, which was this past week)

Week 1 {186-192}

{186/365} – Raindrops on Roses
{187/365} – Sitting pretty
{188/365} – 8 months! Wow!
{189/365} – Finishing his nap outside because…. that just seemed right
{190/365} – Art project
{191/365} – Getting ready to go (in his skeleton shoes)
{192/365} – Three boys getting squeaky clean

Week 2 {193-199}

{193/365} – Study in black and white (aka: very last minute photo of the day)
{194/365} – Tomatoes – which’ll ripen while we’re gone, but still glad to know they’ve grown 🙂
{195/365} – Holding Z, while standing up! (Note: pony tale in Z’s hair… tell me O Wise Internet People: What do you do with little boys’ hair that’s so long? No hair cuts before age 1 over here…)
{196/365} – Practicing balancing on the garden box
{197/365} – Apparently Katherine draws credit cards now
{198/365} – Pinball on the PlayStation
{199/365} – Happy belated 4th to all you. Best I could do with my phone. Also, side note: it’s super inconvenient to try to leave on a three-week trip when the day before is a national holiday….

Week 3 {200-206}

{200/365} – On the road. 15 Hours. RI to SC. Everyone did great. Hashtag on Instagram #Zs1sttriptothesouth (feel free to follow along there as blogging seems to be sporadic)
{201/365} – Amongst other things we did during our one-day stay with my family was introduce the kids to a trampoline. They were nervous at first, but soon warmed up, and proceeded to jump on it for the entire day!
We also got to see many, many family members who we haven’t seen in what feels like years, and celebrated my uncle’s birthday
{202/365} – Relatively “short” trip from SC to GA (*only* 3.5 hours in the car). Highlight of the day was getting to go in a “real” pool and the water guns.
{203/365} – Blowing bubbles with Uncle Jojo (also birthday wishes from afar to my brother)
{204/365} – Wedding prep (boutonnieres) while Katherine is trying to patiently wait to go into the pool…
{205/365} – Rocking in the rocking chair that belonged to Grandmama when she was a little girl. Have so loved watching Z bond with her. They’ve been so sweet together, and he’s absolutely loving snuggling with her ❤
{206/365} – Cleaning out the gutters on the house. Karl was super interested in “helping”. Other “chores” done this AM, crawling around in the crawl space to see what was up with the AC (it hasn’t been working properly), come to find out… it’s disconnected… so um, yeah. Jared rigged it to work a little better than it has been, but it’ll need the professionals.


Thanks for sticking with the end of this super long photo post. If you have any questions about the trip feel free to ask in the comments, etc… I’m always up for answering. 🙂

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