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This week’s answer me this is brought to you by #insteadofEdel. {Edel for those that aren’t in the know is a Catholic women’s conference started originally for bloggers, but I don’t think they’re too strict ;)…. link to their info site} This year it was in Charleston, SC and we were *this* close that I very seriously considered going, but….. just didn’t work out. Maybe next year it’ll be even closer and it will happen? New England? Yes Edel planners? Or even New York or somewhere Mid-Atlantic and I could probably swing it…..

Anyways…. instead of that, we’re hanging out in Georgia with family 🙂

If I could switch gears for one minute though and ask prayers for some very sweet friends who are having a memorial service this morning, for their baby boy, Desmond, who was born into heaven on Jul 3. I grew up with Ethan (the dad) and while I don’t know Nicole (mom) as well, it’s still weighed very heavy on my heart. If it’s hit me this hard, I can’t imagine what it is for them. Prayers for them would be so greatly appreciated.


1. At what temperature do you keep the thermostat set? Summer, winter, day, night?

We have only heat in our house (no AC, except for a window unit in our room, which I’ll get to…) In the winter it’s kept no higher than 66 (gas is expensive!) during the day and it’s 62 at night (can’t go too cold with the babies). In my experience 66 is on the chillier side and I would LOVE to have it set higher (like in the 70s) but, it just eats up too much gas… I mean we already can have gas bills in the winter upwards of $400. So multiply that by four or five months of winter-like temps and… yeah, just won’t happen over here.

Summer: in our room we have an AC because Jared can’t stand being hot and sweaty, especially after being outside working, which he does on occasion. That’s just an old window unit kept on “HIGH COOL”, no fancy thermostat for that 😉 I usually run cold so I’m always under a comforter.

2. What is your favorite frozen beverage?

I usually don’t drink frozen beverages. See above statement about me always running cold. Very, very occasionally I will get a coffee frap drink at Starbucks or something, but I hardly ever do that because I’m not really a Starbucks addict, only when someone I’m with insists on going…

And grown up drinks: I don’t go for them either. That’s more because I don’t really drink (anything: frozen or not) though.

3. Where do you keep your keys?

Well, we have these nice little pegs right near the back door which are supposed to be used for the keys. About half the time I get half my keys there. A while back I took the van key off the main ring once the mechanic told me I could do some damage to the ignition switch because of all the weight dangling off. So the van key usually goes straight in my purse/diaper bag. Which totally works until it’s time to go somewhere and I can’t remember which bag they’re in.

(And we have two van keys and they’re both usually in one of my bags)

4. Have you ever really been lost?

Probably not. I’ve not known where I am exactly. But I usually have some idea, so it’s not a hopeless situation.

I can’t give you directions because I don’t pay attention to things like street names or exit signs, but I can pretty much get where I need to go.

Jared has Providence Rhode Island figured out like the back of his hand (complete with street names, etc…) and I still can’t tell you anything more than the main roads. He’s lived there 6 years compared to my 20+…

5. What is the last movie you saw in the theaters?

I feel like I’ve answered this question here before? Maybe? Or was it about TV shows? Either way: I don’t remember.

I know for sure we went to a movie right before Karl was born (in 2012), and it seems like we should have gone to something since then, but *shrugs shoulders*


Now to feed some children who *insist* on getting food by 8:00 AM….

~Ruth Anne


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