part of the summer in photos {214-234}

From July 19th – August 8th: Entries for my 365 Project.

You should be thankful I stopped at three weeks, because as you can see, I’m just a little behind in posting.

{The reason for that (for those that hadn’t heard) is baby #5. As of last appointment things are going well, I just had my normal early pregnancy “I can’t do anything but lay on the couch” few weeks… although I did manage to snap a few pictures… but anyways….}

I’ll try and keep words short. If you have any questions or would like more details on any particular photo feel free to ask in the comments.

Week 1 (July 18-July25) (These were while we were still in Georgia)

214 – Mexican restaurant – boys at the bar
215 – Eating out again
216 – Kids on daddy
217 – Drying the nails (first time getting nails done for Katherine!)
218 – 9 months!
219 – Eating out again
220 – Pre-wedding makeup (first time for her to wear even a little makeup – she was happy!)

Week 2 (July 26th – Aug 1st)

221 – Spouses, with toe nail polish… because….
222 – On the way home. (Water towers were the favorite thing “to see”)
223 – This is his “I’m so glad I’m not in the car seat” face. (He was very sorely disappointed a few minutes later when he had to return)
224 – Kat. wanted to play “salon”, so she combed my eyebrows?
225 – Kept this guy occupied with a basket of clothespins
226 – goofing with a cousin
227 – My mom and three of her boys at my next-to-youngest brothers’ wedding. (Mother-Son dance)

Week 3 (Aug 2nd – Aug 8th)

228 – Playing in our own yard, in our own dirt
229 – My brother went to get ice-cream; we then sat on the porch for a few hours and had great cousin-bonding time
230 – second nap of the day
231 – They were determined to get the grapes
232 – Morning snuggle-buddy
233 – Wildflowers
234 – Our new bathroom scheme (I know, it’s the bathroom, but it was also late and I hadn’t gotten my picture in for the day). This happened while we were away, I really like how it turned out.


Alrighty. Maybe next week I’ll get a few more weeks done?

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