Siblings/Children {July, Aug, Sept.}

{Two posts in two days!}

{very} hot walk through the park in Georgia
{very} hot walk through the park in Georgia

Excelling at being the bossy older sister. We’ve “started” school (1st grade), but at this point it’s mostly spending time getting better at reading.

at least they’re all looking…?

Still my quiet guy. Favorite pastime these days is making sure he takes a real nap so he can stay up and watch daddy play his game (PS4) in the evenings (after everyone else has gone to bed).

from our "first day of school" photos
from our “first day of school” photos

Have a hard time remembering he’s still only three since he’s nearly the same size as John, and he talks just about as well. My favorite for coming up with interesting words and reasoning his way out of…. anything….

K: I just saw a baby galancy
Me: A what?
K: A baby galancy.
Me: A galaxy?
K: Yeah, a baby galaxy.. in the sky.
{I still don’t know exactly what he was referring to… maybe a star?}

Zachary's life
Zachary’s life

The above photos basically says it all. He spends most of his time trying to keep up with the older guys. He’s gotten to where he can stand and walk holding onto furniture and he’s become much faster at crawling. Oh, and he can do the stairs now… so we have barricades everywhere in the house. At last check (over a month ago now) he weighed in at a hefty 22 lbs which makes it not-so-fun to carry him.

I wish I could say they’re all getting along splendidly, but it seems they spend more time fighting and arguing than getting along. They have their moments though. Sometimes the early mornings are their best; when they enjoy making up games in their playroom in the basement, which is fine by me since I usually like lots of quiet in the AM.


This post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here

dear beautiful

3 thoughts on “Siblings/Children {July, Aug, Sept.}

  1. Glad to see you’re posting again. I guess that means you’re feeling better. Hope so. I’ve been praying for you.


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