Guess I should update {7QT #26}


I realized, after receiving a message from a relative out of town, that I had asked for prayers for Zachary a few weeks ago when he was in the midst of an unknown rash, etc… but then I didn’t bother informing the internet of what has happened since.


Z. was officially diagnosed with an allergic reaction probably to penicillin. That was by the dermatologist. That was fine… well, not fine, fine, but at least we knew what was happening.

But… the pediatrician was still not convinced it was totally an allergic reaction. And to be honest, after watching the rashes over a few days it definitely looked like there was more stuff going on. Like, the rashes that he had, the one on his face and the one on his body and the other one on his butt, were all different.

We never really have figured out what happened on his face. He did have a staph infection concentrated around his nose, but I don’t know if those were related. We didn’t test anything else.

His allergy rash is pretty much all cleared up. Whatever was on his face is mostly gone as well. His nose is still a little raw. Actually it’s double raw now because he was trying to crawl out of the garden box and nose dived onto the bricks. And his yeast infection is much better, but still hanging around.

And the ear infection that was starting has all but cleared so we didn’t give him the second antibiotic. Didn’t want to have him react to that one too while he was still getting over the first.

So, that’s him in a nutshell. Much better. Thank you all so much who prayed!


In a related vein, I’ve had a few hints dropped that I should be changing pediatricians because she “wasn’t able to diagnose the allergic reaction…”

How to say this? It seems to be one of those things where you really had to be there to see the progression of things. I’m not really going to get onto a huge “defend my pediatrician” soapbox here, but I do want to say I’ve known this doctor for over 20 years. You can’t build a relationship like that over night. There have been things in the past which have made me realize how important it is to have someone who knows you and your family for that length of time and could vouch for you if need be. That’s not something I take lightly, and that’s not something I’ll ever be quick to throw away.

Could she have maybe suggested allergic reaction before two Wednesdays ago (when the rash really did look allergic)? Yes. Did she? No. Did she have her reasons? Yes. Did I talk to her about it? Yes. Multiple times. Did she miss a diagnosis? I don’t know.

Are others able to have their opinion on whether or not I should keep this doctor? Absolutely. Do I have to listen? I’ve noted the concerns and I do thank everyone who has voiced them. I do understand that you care about our family and you only want what’s best. So do I.

Something a bit more positive

Well, lets move on shall we?

Katherine moved upstairs. Like all the way to the 3rd floor. She likes to refer to it as her “attic room” or “tower room”… basically think “Princess Room”.

Other than falling off the bed the first night and having that room be on the chillier side, she seems to be LOVING it!  She hasn’t chosen to have her “nap” down in the living room since she moved up there.

I think it’s a good thing for her. She seems to need her own space. I have nothing against the kids sharing a room, even a boy/girl sharing, but she needs to have a space to unwind all by herself.



If you’re going to allow your kids to “help” with the laundry, you should probably keep an eye on them.

Or else…

The pile of wet, dirty rags may end up in the dryer (not washed).
Tha half full basket of clean laundry that was waiting to be brought upstairs may end up in the washer (again).
Double the amount of soap may be used.

I guess it’s good that Kat. has figured out how to make sure the load level is set to “Super” and “Cold” so that way at least we won’t end up totally killing the washer by overloading… Or the clothes by hot water/colors running…

Photo class: Getting stuff printed..

This class (called Embrace Your Phone) popped up in my FB feed a few weeks ago and on a whim I decided I would join (it’s free!). It started Monday, but she’s still taking sign ups I think. It’s a short class, but basically so far deals with getting the pictures off your phone, organized (and purged), and eventually printed.

So far I’ve managed to get rid of about 300 pictures (working from about 1000, taken over the course of 3+ months) that I would never have printed and basically are either really bad or just pointless.

Anyways, getting pictures printed has been one of my yearly goals for a few years now (failed every time). Ideally I’d like to do a photo book a year. So, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, it’s been super helpful for me. 🙂

Z’s 1st Birthday

In the midst of all the doctors visits last week Zachary celebrated his first birthday!

He was only semi-interested in the cake with a candle. And he only halfheartedly chewed on the non-frosting end of said candle when we put the cake in front of him. But he sure did enjoy that cake straight up!

We had just a little family party with dinner and cake and that turned out to be enough for me. I think I was just so exhausted by that point in the week.


Shared this last year I’m sure.. This is Z within an hour after he was born. (I’d share the ones of me holding him, but…. they aren’t quite internet-appropriate… and I can’t find them on my computer… so 🙂 )


And just realized this post is over 1000 words (longer than I normally aim for)… and it’s after 2:00PM and I need to get my dinner going, like, now. So with that I’m fudging out my last “take”. More quick takes at Kelly’s!


Silhouette: Theme Thursday

I kinda LOVE silhouettes!!!! I have been thinking the last few weeks that I’d like to make another set of these:

Silhouette example
{the one on the left}

{sorry about the quality of image – phone snapshot when I realized I wanted an example}

Anyway a few years ago (two?) I made a set of silhouettes of each of the kids and transferred it to wood, then gave it to Jared as a Christmas present. I figured since we have added a kid we could do another round….

When I saw that this weeks TT was silhouette (BTW, I totally find out what the theme is just a day or two before, since…. I just am super organized like that…) I figured why not start in on this project now.

Good thing I did because in a spur of the moment break during school time this morning I decided it would be a great idea to try and get “The Baby”.

Silhouette take 1-3

This is completely edited… because… um… 1-year-olds don’t understand “stand still” and “look at the bookshelf”. No, no, no…. All they see is mom on the floor, with a cool looking device in her hands that is *probably* off limits. Which all translates into “baby went after the camera the entire time” {Plus he was over due for a nap and needed a diaper change…} I may have to enlist the help of another adult to try for a better shot. But his hair curled so cute that I just couldn’t not post this.

Silhouette take 1-2

Or this…

Did I mention I have only one window in the house where the sun comes in directly? Well, this happens to be *that* window, and Z happens to be too short to clear the window sill. More problems 🙂

Silhouette take 1

I got a halfway decent one of Karl (also edited), but I was really just winging it and adjusting settings on the camera. While having Z grab at everything.

Better luck another day I guess?


I have some other silhouettes I’ve taken in the past that I like a little better. They’re on my most-of-the-time neglected Photography Blog. Direct links to those posts are: Trees here … More of the kids … And an armory (actually on this blog now that I look)…


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Answers to *those* questions {FF}

5faves answers

And by *those* questions, I mean the ones that larger than average families tend to get asked on a regular basis.

Disclaimers before I start:
1) I don’t think most of these questions are really anyone’s business except for the husband, wife and God. So why am I going to bother to answer them? Because people are curious (I know I am), and I genuinely think most people (note: I said “most” not “all”) aren’t asking to be mean or rude.
2) These aren’t going to be “snarky replies”, I’m really not that kind of person, so these are my in-real-life answers.

1 ~ Are you done yet? / Is this the last one? / Plans for more? / {things like that}

Real life answer: I dunno.
{I find this totally throws people for a loop. Like, they know what they’d answer if I said “yes” or “no”, but indecision… they get nothing!}

I don’t answer that way because I’m undecided about whether or not to have more kids (well, I am undecided… depends on the day). But I answer that way because I honest and truly don’t know if I will have more children. After this baby is born, I will be a grand total of 30 years and 3 months old. That leaves me with approximately 15 years (???) of potential fertility. Guys, thats a long time. That’s a long time to never “accidentally” get pregnant. A long time to chart perfectly. To me, especially, it seems a long time to never get pregnant.

But, I’ve also seen the other side (albeit on a shorter time line). I could try every month of those 15 years and never conceive again. The fact is, whether we have another baby or not is not totally up to me; I have my husband to consider as well. But ultimately it’s not up to us. We can make plans, but God can open and close wombs at will.

Why not just use birth control? Read on…

2 ~ So, why not just use birth control?

This is a multilayered answer.

First, non-religious answer: I don’t like it. The two times I was on it, it totally screwed up my cycles. I’m not 100% sure, but I also think it did something to my body which made it have a harder time getting pregnant (with Zachary). I also don’t believe it’s is good for a woman’s body.

Second, Jared didn’t like me using it (completely for religious reasons). The combined five months I was on it, we argued almost daily about whether or not I should be. That gets old. And at one point I realized I needed to make a choice between what was better for our marriage. Combine that with my first point and I quit.

Third, religious answer: I belong to a Church that clearly says “no birth control”. I’ve made a choice to live by these teachings. Usually if I just say something like “I’m Catholic” they say “Oh” (like, she’s one of those guys… And yeah, I am, but it’s also the reasons above.)

{Side note: complete strangers have never asked me this, but plenty of doctors, nurses, midwives, etc… have}

3 ~ Are they all yours? / You’ve got your hands full.

Real life answer: Yup, they are. / Yup, I do.

I mean, my kids all look pretty alike. And I’m told they look like me, but I don’t always see that. So…… what do want me to say?

This is especially where I want to reiterate my point from the opening that most people aren’t asking to be mean. I’ve never gotten this question asked in any way except wonder and awe and genuine happiness over the fact. Surprise maybe, but nothing negative.

4 ~ Are you trying for a girl?

Real life answer: No. {I like to beat around the bush, can you tell?}

I believe children are a gift. All of my pregnancies I’ve been truly thankful for the blessing of another child, long before I knew the gender. I think it was after Karl, where I was wishing a little more for another girl, that I realized “who am I to tell God what I need to have”. I’m not God. I didn’t designate the gender of my children. Doing something {trying} so that you can get a specific thing {gender} from God starts bordering on territory where you, as the human being, are trying to dictate to God how the world will work. Not a place I’m willing to venture.

Someone asked me with Z. if I was hoping for a girl. I respond “If God wants to ask me what gender I’d like, I’ll be more than happy to tell him I think I’d like a girl, but God hasn’t come asking, so I’m fine with him making the decision.

5 ~ Do you have a TV? / You do know how this happens, right? / {that particular list can go on and on…}

Real life answer: Yes. I have a degree in Biology.

Like, a real live university degree in Biological Sciences, not like a Univ. of Hard Knocks degree in Bio. Well, actually I may have that one too by this point… But… really. Yes. I know how it works. You can’t get through a biology degree without studying the reproductive cycle of every single organism on the planet (that includes human beings… and those weird little microscopic things at the bottom of the ocean, because really, knowing that will change your world.)


If I could just keep asking for prayers for Z. he’s having some sort of reaction to something/skin breakout of unknown origin. Its weird. Like bumps all over his face. We’re seeing a dermatologist tomorrow.

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P.S. Sorry for the length… thanks for reading to the end! ❤

Weekly Photo Roundup {298-304}

For some reason it still doesn’t feel like I’m counting right, but oh well. And hey, just realized that I started on my birthday last year, which means I’ve got approximately 60 days left of my 20s, still don’t think I’m “grown up” enough to be almost 30.

#298 – Z bouncing in his crib. A lot of times he’ll having tongue-sticking-out contests with his reflection, but I was in the room, so that wasn’t happening.
#299 – Z’s first time apple picking. Heaven for this boy who LOVES apples
#300 – Work T’s lined up {reaching for something to take a photo of folks…}
#301 – Candle
#302 – Hubby playing video games
#303 – Big boys doing something, Z trying to be a part of it
#304 – Grandma let them have hot chocolate for breakfast 🙂


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Sun Flare

sun flare

Ok, so I didn’t know Theme Thursday was coming came back until this morning. But can I say I’m so glad! It’s always been one of my favorite linkups 🙂

This week’s theme is Sun Flare. My photo was actually taken last night while attending a wedding reception. Obviously I didn’t *know* it was the theme of the week, but I always love a good sun flare photo so I tried to capture what I could. There was a little bit of editing (darkening a smidge, warming up just a tiny bit, and cropping out the line of cars on the other side of the bridge), but nothing crazy.

I think I’ll challenge myself to do next week’s prompt by bringing out my “real” camera, which has seen precious little use in the last few months.



Linking up with Theme Thursday @ California to Korea (link to post is above) and My Sunday Photo (below)