Quick Takes for a blog post



Homeschool with Katherine:
So far…. well… lets just say we’ve managed to start. We just finished our third official week of actually doing stuff and we managed to have our first day where we got all but one item checked off our list (that was yesterday).

We’re doing first grade. And based on how things are going so far, I think it’s probably the right level for her (we never did do anything for Kindergarten). She’s still not quite as fluent in reading as I’d like, but she’s gotten so much better. I think her hesitation at this point is more laziness.


Homeschool with Johny (not a typo, that’s how he decided he wanted to spell his name):
To be honest I’d rather not be doing school with John because I did not realize how much time it would take to actually do school with K. But, he wants to “do schoolwork” most of the days we do work.

And what I’ve found is, he actually does pretty well with reasoning things. And I’m not sure (because I haven’t tried), but I’m guessing he would do ok with a “real” math book.. (I suspect he’d do better than K.)

So, I’m trying to decide if I want to add a few “official” subjects to his workbook thing (because I really, REALLY don’t like the pre-K/K/prep book all-in-one workbooks – I just.. don’t like them). But on the other hand he’s only just turned five, so I really don’t want to try and push anything *too* formal).

Any more-veteran homeschoolers have any thoughts/suggestions for us?


Art update from way, way earlier this summer:

I finished my icon in August. We had a little service to bless all the ones that were made, which was really nice.


I’m not 100% thrilled with how mine turned out, but considering that I’ve painted exactly Zero things before this… I’ll live with it. It’s still waiting, propped up on the sideboard, to have a little hanging thing drilled into the back (technical term for it. promise.)


I think I’m gonna put baby update here.

Apparently a number of people missed the very brief FB announcement… So here goes:

Blog Official:
(although I think I may have mentioned in passing with absolutely no details a few weeks ago)

Coming at the end of March is Baby Holloway 5. (Sorry, I can’t be more original with the name.) We have a tendency to name our babies once we find out the gender, so I usually refer to them by name starting at the point.
Currently: I’m around 16-weeks.

me celebrating nothing in particular
me celebrating nothing in particular, except that I’m pregnant and am allowed to eat whatever combination of food I want {fruit cobbler and mint chocolate chip ice-cream if you’re so inclined to details}

We will be finding out the gender in November.
Kids have asked occasionally about the baby, but it’s not hugely on their radar – they’re probably just under the impression that this is what happens in families because last year we had a baby too… so…
For the most part things have been pretty normal. I’m finally feeling a little less “blah”, so that’s nice. I actually have a whole lot more I want to say on this, and I’ve been working over a blog post in my mind which I’d like to get written in the coming week.

 Things to pray for: A continued healthy pregnancy. Our van situation. We have 5-back seats in the van but since everyone still needs to be in a car seat/booster we won’t actually have enough space for everyone once baby arrives. I’m kinda just ignoring that whole scenario for the moment because we don’t have money for a new vehicle and I have no idea what to do, so I’m just putting it out of my mind for the time being.


I finally got my contacts/glasses updated to my new prescription!!!! Can’t tell you how nice it is to actually be able to see clearly out of BOTH my eyes 🙂

After all the healing was done following my eye surgery last summer, I ended up with a difference of 2 in my prescription for my right eye.

they look just like the old ones.. just thicker
they look just like the old ones.. just thicker


We had two birthday parties here last weekend. Tons of fun. Tons of craziness. Much Star Wars and Princesses. Much jealousy for the 3yo who’s birthday isn’t for 3.5 more months. Much birthday party burnout for the parents.

cake - K

A million jillion thank yous for the ladies who put this cake together. There is a reason I don’t do cakes…

cake - J

….because they mostly just turn out like above. But at least Johny didn’t seem to mind and he got the toys to play with. 🙂

{Birth Story for Katherine and John if that’s something that interests you.}


And.. what else???

Ooooo, we watched the blood moon on Sunday night. Or, correction me and Karl watched the blood moon. Everyone else fell asleep.

I tried to take pictures, but oh, it was so, so dark. Do you know how hard it is to focus a camera on something you can’t see in the pitch darkness?



This week’s blogger question to answer: When was my first “Quick Takes” post? It was this one… {oh boy…}

I think that gives a pretty random assortment of things we’ve been up to. Linking with Kelly. And please do leave me your thoughts on “doing Kindergarten” with Johny. 🙂

Until next time….

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've just posted. I do read and truly appreciate all comments. They make me smile!

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