The week in QT/photos {291-297}


If you’ve somehow managed to follow my not-progress in posting 365 Photos for the year, in a nutshell this was my last post I have continued to take photos as well as continued to not put them up. So…. By my reckoning I have 8 weeks worth of non-posted photos and feel just too overwhelmed to get them all “done” and posted, so I’m putting this weeks photos here to make up my Quick Takes post, since that post didn’t happen yesterday. {Wow, can anyone say run on sentences, no wonder my English papers always got bad marks…}


week 10-4

Still, after all this time do now know how this girl can manage that much salad. I mean, I didn’t like salad until well after I was married, and even now they still aren’t my favorite. Yet here she is, six years old… Must get it from daddy’s side of the family.


week 10-4-2

Bath time! “Reason” for this particular bath was the beans all over his face. That and he’s had some not so pleasant looking rashes on his bottom, so I tried to up the bath count this week while adding some epsom salts in hopes it would help soothe.


week 10-4-3

Can we say “writing by sounding out”? I call this a win in our little homeschool world!
{These are some books Katherine made}

Guess what it says? Answer at the end of the post


week 10-4-7

I went out “on assignment” on Wednesday. Not really, but sometimes its fun to pretend. My dad runs a contracting company and occasionally he likes to have pictures taken of jobs/houses they’ve done, so I’ll sometimes take them for him.

Houses aren’t my favorite thing to photograph as I find them somewhat… well… boring… but hey, a challenge is always a good thing, right?

{And, BTW my thighs hurt so much from being out at this house. All the stairs and squatting and moving into weird angles so as not to make the room look crooked…. ouch}


week 10-4-4

I call this my chair monster. He likes to eat my clothes.


Maybe it’s the other way around.

I dunno….

Real life, folks. Real life.


week 10-4-5

Jared and I went out kid-free last night. Nothing fancy, but it was nice.
(This was a stop on the way home, where I opted to stay in the car… so I took pictures of the rain/light… you know, just normal stuff ;)}


week 10-4-6

Went to my parents for breakfast this morning. But before that, my dad built a little fire in the “stove” and the kids helped clean the driveway.


Answer to #3: “This is illustrated by Katherine”

Any my Quick Takes extra credit question/answer: How many QT posts have I posted? 23 (That’s assuming I correctly numbered the ones I numbered and then correctly counted the rest of them that I found #mommybrain) Linking with Kelly for this weeks takes.

For the 365 Project Blog Hop the link below *should* work.
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Until next time….

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