“Mom doesn’t let us brush our teeth…” {7QT #25}


… and other things kid-related from this past week.

Siblings for October


siblingsHere’s another. It includes all the siblings+holders.

Both from apple picking earlier in the week.


This post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here

dear beautiful

“Mom doesn’t let us brush our teeth”

Is so politely brought to you by John. We had their annual physical this week and they (Katherine and John) were chatting away with the doctor going on and on about… everything…

When asked if they brush their teeth, John answered as above.

But, as with children, that’s not actually what happens. Some days, after everyone has been put to bed, prayed for, sung for, tucked in, gotten their drink of water (again) and used the potty (again), they suddenly jump up and “remember” they didn’t brush their teeth. But by this point I’m usually done with the “getting out of bed” stuff so I say “not tonight”.

Hey, I guess I can be glad it wasn’t Karl talking {see take #4}

“We need to polish the red guy” ~ Karl

Me: {thinks for a minute} I think you mean “We need to apologize to the guy in the red house”.

Apparently the kids saw a neighbor out in their yard earlier this week and decided it would be a fun activity to throw rocks over the fence. On purpose.

To say I was upset was an understatement. And yes, I marched them all the way around the block (his house is behind ours on the next street over) to “polish” to him.

“This is my fravrit beer” ~ Karl

Jared brought the boys with to the liquor store to pick up some beers last Sunday afternoon. Not really a big deal. He occasionally brings them for an outing.

 He (Jared) was walking through, didn’t realize Karl wasn’t right behind him until he heard him talking (see above statement). I guess even then he didn’t think much of it until an older gentleman responded with “oh, really?”. To which Karl apparently continued the conversation with something akin to “yeah, I drink it all the time…”

{Before anyone gets all up in arms over this, lets review the facts: Karl is 3. We don’t let our kids drink, even to taste. And Karl has the absolute confidence of a great yarn-spinner.}


Had a checkup today Thursday {that’s how long it’s taken me to finish this post yawl…}. All is well. It did take the midwife nearly a full two-minutes to find the heartbeat (not good for mama’s stress). But she did find it. Apparently he likes hiding way down low.

Anyways, have started feeling those little tiny baby kicks these past few days and that’s started to make things feel a little more real. Still don’t know if I’m in full blown “excited” mode, but definitely starting to feel  a little more connected.

P.S. to the post linked, thank you so much to everyone who has commented or responded in other ways. It’s all meant so, so much! ❤


Zachary took his first steps this week!!!! Jared saw the first “series”, as in, the first that were more than one-step-fall. 🙂 He walked from the TV table to the coffee table

This here should take you to the little video I uploaded to YouTube (on the off chance you didn’t catch it on FB when I posted a few days ago). Again, I add my same apologies: Sorry for the darkness of the video, I have no idea how to edit videos in any form, unless it’s on IG. But even then, I still can’t quite figure out how to cut out the parts I don’t want…. So, I can do regular pictures, but not moving ones. Anyways, carry on…

{Not kid related}

And since I’m almost out of coffee and I’m not sure Z will be lasting much longer, and did I mention it’s now not-quite 7:00 AM on Saturday? I’m finishing up with this weeks question:

Who is your favorite blogger that you discovered through Quick Takes?

Well…. Honestly I don’t remember. I think I mostly found that *ALL* the blogs I was reading was doing this thing called “7 Quick Takes” every Friday and I had no idea what it was. It kept popping up and eventually I decided to join. But, even now {full confession}: I have a hard time finding specific blogs in the QT link-up, so I do some random clicking to check out a few – I’m not one of the people who reads every linked-up post (sorry, but if someone wants to watch the kids for a few hours so I can spend the time glued to the laptop that’d be cool!)

One of the blogs I currently read that occasionally does QT (but don’t remember if I found her through the linkup) is Sheila at The Deliberate Reader


Z. has lost it. Running for now. Happy Saturday! M

More QTs over here!

4 thoughts on ““Mom doesn’t let us brush our teeth…” {7QT #25}

  1. So, you don’t let them brush their teeth??? I wouldn’t either, under the circumstances.

    How about, “We never clean our house unless we’re having company!” That’s what our unnamed five-year-old daughter told her Sunday School teacher many years ago. Guess who? It must run in the family!

    Love, Grandma

  2. Love #4, but am mostly just jealous that you can bring a kid into a liquor store. Kids are strictly prohibited from bars and liquor stores in Indiana. Very annoying. And congrats on baby! We had our fifth seven months ago and, although it took a while to be excited for me, too, our family was so totally incomplete without him.

    1. Liquor Stores here, there are signs prohibiting, but no one’s ever said anything, maybe because J happens to know most of the workers? I dunno…
      Thanks for the congrats and the encouragement for the baby 🙂

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