Weekly Photo Roundup {298-304}

For some reason it still doesn’t feel like I’m counting right, but oh well. And hey, just realized that I started on my birthday last year, which means I’ve got approximately 60 days left of my 20s, still don’t think I’m “grown up” enough to be almost 30.

#298 – Z bouncing in his crib. A lot of times he’ll having tongue-sticking-out contests with his reflection, but I was in the room, so that wasn’t happening.
#299 – Z’s first time apple picking. Heaven for this boy who LOVES apples
#300 – Work T’s lined up {reaching for something to take a photo of folks…}
#301 – Candle
#302 – Hubby playing video games
#303 – Big boys doing something, Z trying to be a part of it
#304 – Grandma let them have hot chocolate for breakfast 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Roundup {298-304}

  1. Apples are, I think, the ultimate food for my boy too – they’re like BALLS! You can roll them but then you can EAT them, too! Love the tongue-out picture 🙂

  2. so was he crawling round taking a bite from each one and moving on? That what ours would do.
    Love how the wee ones always want to be in at what the big ones are doing.
    A mirror is a great substitute for a twin

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