Silhouette: Theme Thursday

I kinda LOVE silhouettes!!!! I have been thinking the last few weeks that I’d like to make another set of these:

Silhouette example
{the one on the left}

{sorry about the quality of image – phone snapshot when I realized I wanted an example}

Anyway a few years ago (two?) I made a set of silhouettes of each of the kids and transferred it to wood, then gave it to Jared as a Christmas present. I figured since we have added a kid we could do another round….

When I saw that this weeks TT was silhouette (BTW, I totally find out what the theme is just a day or two before, since…. I just am super organized like that…) I figured why not start in on this project now.

Good thing I did because in a spur of the moment break during school time this morning I decided it would be a great idea to try and get “The Baby”.

Silhouette take 1-3

This is completely edited… because… um… 1-year-olds don’t understand “stand still” and “look at the bookshelf”. No, no, no…. All they see is mom on the floor, with a cool looking device in her hands that is *probably* off limits. Which all translates into “baby went after the camera the entire time” {Plus he was over due for a nap and needed a diaper change…} I may have to enlist the help of another adult to try for a better shot. But his hair curled so cute that I just couldn’t not post this.

Silhouette take 1-2

Or this…

Did I mention I have only one window in the house where the sun comes in directly? Well, this happens to be *that* window, and Z happens to be too short to clear the window sill. More problems 🙂

Silhouette take 1

I got a halfway decent one of Karl (also edited), but I was really just winging it and adjusting settings on the camera. While having Z grab at everything.

Better luck another day I guess?


I have some other silhouettes I’ve taken in the past that I like a little better. They’re on my most-of-the-time neglected Photography Blog. Direct links to those posts are: Trees here … More of the kids … And an armory (actually on this blog now that I look)…


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