“Mom doesn’t let us brush our teeth…” {7QT #25}


… and other things kid-related from this past week.

Siblings for October


siblingsHere’s another. It includes all the siblings+holders.

Both from apple picking earlier in the week.


This post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here

dear beautiful

“Mom doesn’t let us brush our teeth”

Is so politely brought to you by John. We had their annual physical this week and they (Katherine and John) were chatting away with the doctor going on and on about… everything…

When asked if they brush their teeth, John answered as above.

But, as with children, that’s not actually what happens. Some days, after everyone has been put to bed, prayed for, sung for, tucked in, gotten their drink of water (again) and used the potty (again), they suddenly jump up and “remember” they didn’t brush their teeth. But by this point I’m usually done with the “getting out of bed” stuff so I say “not tonight”.

Hey, I guess I can be glad it wasn’t Karl talking {see take #4}

“We need to polish the red guy” ~ Karl

Me: {thinks for a minute} I think you mean “We need to apologize to the guy in the red house”.

Apparently the kids saw a neighbor out in their yard earlier this week and decided it would be a fun activity to throw rocks over the fence. On purpose.

To say I was upset was an understatement. And yes, I marched them all the way around the block (his house is behind ours on the next street over) to “polish” to him.

“This is my fravrit beer” ~ Karl

Jared brought the boys with to the liquor store to pick up some beers last Sunday afternoon. Not really a big deal. He occasionally brings them for an outing.

 He (Jared) was walking through, didn’t realize Karl wasn’t right behind him until he heard him talking (see above statement). I guess even then he didn’t think much of it until an older gentleman responded with “oh, really?”. To which Karl apparently continued the conversation with something akin to “yeah, I drink it all the time…”

{Before anyone gets all up in arms over this, lets review the facts: Karl is 3. We don’t let our kids drink, even to taste. And Karl has the absolute confidence of a great yarn-spinner.}


Had a checkup today Thursday {that’s how long it’s taken me to finish this post yawl…}. All is well. It did take the midwife nearly a full two-minutes to find the heartbeat (not good for mama’s stress). But she did find it. Apparently he likes hiding way down low.

Anyways, have started feeling those little tiny baby kicks these past few days and that’s started to make things feel a little more real. Still don’t know if I’m in full blown “excited” mode, but definitely starting to feel  a little more connected.

P.S. to the post linked, thank you so much to everyone who has commented or responded in other ways. It’s all meant so, so much! ❤


Zachary took his first steps this week!!!! Jared saw the first “series”, as in, the first that were more than one-step-fall. 🙂 He walked from the TV table to the coffee table

This here should take you to the little video I uploaded to YouTube (on the off chance you didn’t catch it on FB when I posted a few days ago). Again, I add my same apologies: Sorry for the darkness of the video, I have no idea how to edit videos in any form, unless it’s on IG. But even then, I still can’t quite figure out how to cut out the parts I don’t want…. So, I can do regular pictures, but not moving ones. Anyways, carry on…

{Not kid related}

And since I’m almost out of coffee and I’m not sure Z will be lasting much longer, and did I mention it’s now not-quite 7:00 AM on Saturday? I’m finishing up with this weeks question:

Who is your favorite blogger that you discovered through Quick Takes?

Well…. Honestly I don’t remember. I think I mostly found that *ALL* the blogs I was reading was doing this thing called “7 Quick Takes” every Friday and I had no idea what it was. It kept popping up and eventually I decided to join. But, even now {full confession}: I have a hard time finding specific blogs in the QT link-up, so I do some random clicking to check out a few – I’m not one of the people who reads every linked-up post (sorry, but if someone wants to watch the kids for a few hours so I can spend the time glued to the laptop that’d be cool!)

One of the blogs I currently read that occasionally does QT (but don’t remember if I found her through the linkup) is Sheila at The Deliberate Reader


Z. has lost it. Running for now. Happy Saturday! M

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The week in QT/photos {291-297}


If you’ve somehow managed to follow my not-progress in posting 365 Photos for the year, in a nutshell this was my last post I have continued to take photos as well as continued to not put them up. So…. By my reckoning I have 8 weeks worth of non-posted photos and feel just too overwhelmed to get them all “done” and posted, so I’m putting this weeks photos here to make up my Quick Takes post, since that post didn’t happen yesterday. {Wow, can anyone say run on sentences, no wonder my English papers always got bad marks…}


week 10-4

Still, after all this time do now know how this girl can manage that much salad. I mean, I didn’t like salad until well after I was married, and even now they still aren’t my favorite. Yet here she is, six years old… Must get it from daddy’s side of the family.


week 10-4-2

Bath time! “Reason” for this particular bath was the beans all over his face. That and he’s had some not so pleasant looking rashes on his bottom, so I tried to up the bath count this week while adding some epsom salts in hopes it would help soothe.


week 10-4-3

Can we say “writing by sounding out”? I call this a win in our little homeschool world!
{These are some books Katherine made}

Guess what it says? Answer at the end of the post


week 10-4-7

I went out “on assignment” on Wednesday. Not really, but sometimes its fun to pretend. My dad runs a contracting company and occasionally he likes to have pictures taken of jobs/houses they’ve done, so I’ll sometimes take them for him.

Houses aren’t my favorite thing to photograph as I find them somewhat… well… boring… but hey, a challenge is always a good thing, right?

{And, BTW my thighs hurt so much from being out at this house. All the stairs and squatting and moving into weird angles so as not to make the room look crooked…. ouch}


week 10-4-4

I call this my chair monster. He likes to eat my clothes.


Maybe it’s the other way around.

I dunno….

Real life, folks. Real life.


week 10-4-5

Jared and I went out kid-free last night. Nothing fancy, but it was nice.
(This was a stop on the way home, where I opted to stay in the car… so I took pictures of the rain/light… you know, just normal stuff ;)}


week 10-4-6

Went to my parents for breakfast this morning. But before that, my dad built a little fire in the “stove” and the kids helped clean the driveway.


Answer to #3: “This is illustrated by Katherine”

Any my Quick Takes extra credit question/answer: How many QT posts have I posted? 23 (That’s assuming I correctly numbered the ones I numbered and then correctly counted the rest of them that I found #mommybrain) Linking with Kelly for this weeks takes.

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On not being super excited for this current pregnancy {WIWS}

WIWS: Comfy sweater that I now realize doesn’t exactly match the maternity “T” underneath. Beige pants that still fit! {And sandals and a veil, but this was after Mass and those things were long put away}. Photo in K’s room, yes, it actually is that pink. #Zphotobomb

There. I said it. I have not been super excited for this current pregnancy. I *thought* I would be excited, way back at the very, very, very beginning when I first found out we would be adding another baby, but then…. I don’t know. It seems to be taking longer than normal for the excitement to build up this time.

Maybe it’s because I had a teeny tiny bit of spotting that the doctors and nurses blew up into “worst case scenario” (an ectopic pregnancy)… which it turned out not to be thanks be to God. But those two times I spent at the ER, and the second time especially were so super stressful that I think it really put a damper on things.

It probably also didn’t help that I had friends who lost a baby at birth literally days before I found out I was pregnant.

I didn’t have a horrible time of my normal night-time “morning” sickness (it was there, but it wasn’t terrible). I did feel incredibly exhausted. Like, the go-to-bed-every-night-at-7:00PM kind of exhausted.

I know from past babies that it does take time to get used to the idea of another child. I know that was especially the case with Katherine. It took me all of those nine months to get used to the idea of a baby and I still don’t know how “ready” I was once she was born. Even with Zachary, I had people ask me if I was excited right after we found out, and I was like “Woah. Wait a minute. I just found out we’re having another baby. You gotta give me longer than a day to get used to that… THEN I’ll let you know if I’m excited”. But with him, it didn’t take weeks and weeks and weeks for that excitement to build.

I guess all this lack of excitement has me really not feeling connected to the baby just yet. Even with seeing baby move on the 8-week ultrasound scan (which I’ve never seen before)… And hearing the heart beat with the midwife saying “there’s a baby in there”… They were special moments, yes, but once they were gone so was the connection. Even the fact that all my regular clothes no longer fit hasn’t really made the fact sink in.

15+ weeks
15+ weeks (pretty obvious there’s a bump there!)

I have been feeling little tiny flutterings the last few weeks. Not many, but a few. And that has helped. I also happened to glance through some old photos on the instagram feed and seeing the newborn pictures of Zachary has helped too.

But… through all this, the few times I’ve gotten worked up and stressed out enough to pray about it I get an almost instant little reminder that this precious little soul has already been created by God. Already has a purpose. He (or she) is already loved by God…. even if his mama is taking a little while to catch up. 🙂 God’s big enough to hold him (and me) and love him (and me) and care for him until I find myself ready to take my part.


Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for WIWS

P.S. If you’re paying attention and reading closely, I know on Friday I stated I was 16 weeks… but I recounted and realized I arbitrarily added a week… so I’m really somewhere like 15 and a half. Baby’s still due at the end-ish of March, right after Jared’s birthday 🙂

P.P.S. I don’t know if I’m having a boy… it just feels easier to refer to baby as a boy, since… you know that’s what we seem to be good at making 😉

Quick Takes for a blog post



Homeschool with Katherine:
So far…. well… lets just say we’ve managed to start. We just finished our third official week of actually doing stuff and we managed to have our first day where we got all but one item checked off our list (that was yesterday).

We’re doing first grade. And based on how things are going so far, I think it’s probably the right level for her (we never did do anything for Kindergarten). She’s still not quite as fluent in reading as I’d like, but she’s gotten so much better. I think her hesitation at this point is more laziness.


Homeschool with Johny (not a typo, that’s how he decided he wanted to spell his name):
To be honest I’d rather not be doing school with John because I did not realize how much time it would take to actually do school with K. But, he wants to “do schoolwork” most of the days we do work.

And what I’ve found is, he actually does pretty well with reasoning things. And I’m not sure (because I haven’t tried), but I’m guessing he would do ok with a “real” math book.. (I suspect he’d do better than K.)

So, I’m trying to decide if I want to add a few “official” subjects to his workbook thing (because I really, REALLY don’t like the pre-K/K/prep book all-in-one workbooks – I just.. don’t like them). But on the other hand he’s only just turned five, so I really don’t want to try and push anything *too* formal).

Any more-veteran homeschoolers have any thoughts/suggestions for us?


Art update from way, way earlier this summer:

I finished my icon in August. We had a little service to bless all the ones that were made, which was really nice.


I’m not 100% thrilled with how mine turned out, but considering that I’ve painted exactly Zero things before this… I’ll live with it. It’s still waiting, propped up on the sideboard, to have a little hanging thing drilled into the back (technical term for it. promise.)


I think I’m gonna put baby update here.

Apparently a number of people missed the very brief FB announcement… So here goes:

Blog Official:
(although I think I may have mentioned in passing with absolutely no details a few weeks ago)

Coming at the end of March is Baby Holloway 5. (Sorry, I can’t be more original with the name.) We have a tendency to name our babies once we find out the gender, so I usually refer to them by name starting at the point.
Currently: I’m around 16-weeks.

me celebrating nothing in particular
me celebrating nothing in particular, except that I’m pregnant and am allowed to eat whatever combination of food I want {fruit cobbler and mint chocolate chip ice-cream if you’re so inclined to details}

We will be finding out the gender in November.
Kids have asked occasionally about the baby, but it’s not hugely on their radar – they’re probably just under the impression that this is what happens in families because last year we had a baby too… so…
For the most part things have been pretty normal. I’m finally feeling a little less “blah”, so that’s nice. I actually have a whole lot more I want to say on this, and I’ve been working over a blog post in my mind which I’d like to get written in the coming week.

 Things to pray for: A continued healthy pregnancy. Our van situation. We have 5-back seats in the van but since everyone still needs to be in a car seat/booster we won’t actually have enough space for everyone once baby arrives. I’m kinda just ignoring that whole scenario for the moment because we don’t have money for a new vehicle and I have no idea what to do, so I’m just putting it out of my mind for the time being.


I finally got my contacts/glasses updated to my new prescription!!!! Can’t tell you how nice it is to actually be able to see clearly out of BOTH my eyes 🙂

After all the healing was done following my eye surgery last summer, I ended up with a difference of 2 in my prescription for my right eye.

they look just like the old ones.. just thicker
they look just like the old ones.. just thicker


We had two birthday parties here last weekend. Tons of fun. Tons of craziness. Much Star Wars and Princesses. Much jealousy for the 3yo who’s birthday isn’t for 3.5 more months. Much birthday party burnout for the parents.

cake - K

A million jillion thank yous for the ladies who put this cake together. There is a reason I don’t do cakes…

cake - J

….because they mostly just turn out like above. But at least Johny didn’t seem to mind and he got the toys to play with. 🙂

{Birth Story for Katherine and John if that’s something that interests you.}


And.. what else???

Ooooo, we watched the blood moon on Sunday night. Or, correction me and Karl watched the blood moon. Everyone else fell asleep.

I tried to take pictures, but oh, it was so, so dark. Do you know how hard it is to focus a camera on something you can’t see in the pitch darkness?



This week’s blogger question to answer: When was my first “Quick Takes” post? It was this one… {oh boy…}

I think that gives a pretty random assortment of things we’ve been up to. Linking with Kelly. And please do leave me your thoughts on “doing Kindergarten” with Johny. 🙂

Until next time….