Weekly Photo Roundup {305-311}

This was last week, when Zachary’s rash was really evident (wrote about it more in yesterday’s post). So I didn’t really take any pictures of anything else except him since I kept wanting to show people what it looked like.

#305 – Z just playing at Grandma’s
#306 – Z. visit to the doctors (round #1 for the week)
#307 – Z. rash on his face
#308 – Z. visit to the doctors (round #2)
#309 – crochet, reading and coffee… and sick baby… basically my week (but mostly the coffee and sick baby)
#310 – Z. on his birthday, Grandma snuggles are the best!
#311 – Big boys playing some Star Wars inspired game? {Hiding under table and shooting the bad guys}


This week…

#312 – My brother’s carved pumpkin (my boys were impressed, but I could capture it in the dark)
#313 – A window (also: what happens when it’s 11:00 PM and you realized you haven’t taken a photo, but you were already in bed so you just snap the first thing you can think of…)
#314 – My kids made salad. (It was shredded, but they made it. They were so proud of themselves and it kept them busy for a good 20 minutes while I finished dinner.)
#315 – Z “helping” Johny with his school work
#316 – A silhouette of Z. (first attempt of a project I’m working on)
#317 – Autumn leaf
#318 – The boys and their uncle built this 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Roundup {305-311}

  1. Enjoyed the photos, especially the one of Elizabeth with Zachary, also the one of Karl and John under the table.


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