Siblings {Nov} and Weekly Photo Roundup {312-325}

siblings november
attempt for a fall shot 🙂
siblings november-2
will *all* the siblings

The picture John is holding is this one:

siblings november-3

Baby Boy’s first blog photo. Just love the little thumb sucking 🙂


This post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here

dear beautiful
 And now the last two weeks photos:

#312 – This boy ate two (2) full sized burritos for dinner this particular evening
#313 – Z. trying to climb the furniture (so far, he’s been unsuccessful, but that doesn’t keep him from trying)
#314 – Z. wanting to go for a “walk”
#315 – Z. just chillin’
#316 – Z. outtake from photos I took for the catchlights
#317 – ***Forgot to take a photo this day***
#318 – Me and Z snuggling for 0.3 seconds on the couch


#319 – Pink fall leaves
#320 – Karl, falling asleep after insisting he’s not tired.
#321 – Doing her own laundry (yay!!!)
#322 – The beginnings of a crochet project
#323 – I put some frozen fruit in oatmeal (mom win of the week!)
#324 – We tried reading… he’s still not much interested
#325 – Papa (Grandpa) made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, which were “so much better than grandma’s… and mom’s” so said all the kids 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Siblings {Nov} and Weekly Photo Roundup {312-325}

  1. of course, food always tastes better if mum had nothing to do with it, thats normal.
    Ooohhhh No5 congrats, we are expecting No5 as well.
    Minky climbs on everything as well, and laughed at the 0.3 seconds, that sounds like Minky as well.
    Have to say all of ours love books and enjoy their stories.
    Nice that they help with the washing.

    1. Thank you! And congrats to you as well. We’re working on the books, but mostly he doesn’t care for sitting still, I remember with some of the others it took some time (sitting and reading over and over and over) for them to really get used to it and begin to enjoy.

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