Weekly Photo Roundup {326-331}

#326 – Siblings photo for Nov. (posted last week, and forgot that I didn’t take any other pictures on Sunday…)
#327 – Our two rose bushes have both decided to put out two more flowers ❤
#328 – Slate chalkboard (because that’s what happens when you read “old-fashioned” books)
#329 – Then it frosted this particular morning.
#330 – When the toddler learns how to look under his legs… everyone joins in the fun
#331 – I took one of our pumpkins that was going and decided to make it into muffins. Kat got all excited to plant the seeds (so she did)… then she watered them… then she played in the mud.
#331 – He thought putting bowls on the head was a great game.


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