#holylens for Theme Thursday

I mentioned yesterday that I had a few more thoughts on Advent. Mainly that translated to what I’m doing for Advent personally. The honest answer is not much. I had a devotional or two that I was planning on working my way through, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

One thing I have been trying to make a priority is to get the daily Scripture readings done (I use the Blessed is She devotions, sent to my phone because it’s super easy and the devotions are not so full of theological profoundness that I can’t keep up at 6:00AM – not to say there isn’t a place for those profound thoughts, but my little brain has a hard time keeping up so early…)

Anyways aside from that I’ve been participating in Abbey’s Holy Lens project, mostly on instagram (but here’s the link to the FB group page if you’d like to jump in over there.).

I *try* not to overthink the whole thing, but sometimes I do… I love the idea of finding a simple everyday moment or thing that turns my attention to Our Lord, and usually causes me to remember what was read in the readings for the day.

So, without further ado my #holylens photos so far this week:


For stopping.. or slowing down as may more often be the IRL case of this particular sign… But a sign nonetheless that this is the season of waiting.



It’s a book – there are words – I didn’t have any “great insight” for this prompt



I’m pretty sure this was a prompt last year, and I’m pretty sure I used this same plant. It’s the only one I can even remotely see the roots of. And I like the new shoots coming off one of the older ones.

“root of Jesse” and all that.



Honestly don’t remember what any of the scripture readings were on this day (so I had no tie in), but we had a full breakfast and were very satisfied with it.



All day, I thought the prompt was stone {*shrugs shoulders*}. I just have this image of everything resting on the rock that is Jesus and I hope to be reminded of that as I daily step over these little rocks that are in our driveway.


Linking with Micaela @ California to Korea {also if you’re on Instagram check out #holylens, or feel free to do so on FB}

2 thoughts on “#holylens for Theme Thursday

    1. These are all phone pictures.
      If I’m going to do minimal editing – just instagram
      If I’m going to do just a teensy bit more – VSCO cam (I think is the name), it’s like IG with a few more options and a little more control
      If I’m wanting to do a lot of editing – Snappeed App, it’s maybe comparable to PicMonkey with a few of the Royal features. {This was used for the 1st, 3rd, and 5th photos in this post}
      If I’m editing off my phone I use Lightroom 5 (probably 95% of my editing) or PicMonkey (free version) if I need to do layering or make collages
      Wow, that’s a long answer. Hope it helps!

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